Kodi Music "Best Practice" Guide
Quote:Personally I would upload artwork to the scraper source site so it works for everyone in the future. For example I just filled out Joolz Gianni and it works fine now. Just click the add button on the top menu to add new artists that are not already in the DB.


Sorry I don't know more about the manual Kodi method, I scrape all my data and regularly contribute to the metadata sites so everyone benefits.

Thanks docwra. I should share the images as I currently do for the Videos section.

Quote:I you use "Artist Slideshow" addon it can store files locally in its addon data. Then you can use "Artist Slideshow Helper" to move all the files to a folder where it creates artistname subfolders containing the images.

Alternatively you could create files named like "artistname-thumb.jpg, artistname-fanart.jpg" and put those alongside your media. In Kodi musicinfo dialog for artists there is an option to change thumb and fanart. That brings up Kodi file browser and for thumbs at least browsing in the file manager provides a "* item folder" entry that takes you right there. Unfortunately that entry isn't provided for fanart (no idea why not) so you have to traverse a folder tree to get to the right folder. I guess if you use a naming convention and dumped all the images in a single folder it might not be too hard to browse.

Thanks scott967. I'll look into the Artist Slideshow addon. Yes, that is how I have named my artwork, and that is how I am manually adding it via musicinfo page. Because there is no actual artist directory (it is a compilation) you don't get the "* Item Folder" and you have to rummage through the directory tree. I was just trying to get advice on a better way of doing it -- to store the artwork in a separate directory OR in with the compilation album OR some other place where KODI can just automatically find it via a refresh in the musicinfo dialogue page because the artwork has been named correctly.

The initial post in this thread just assumed there were no compilations in a collection.
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