Req Animated GIF playback in pictures
If you get it working let me know I wish you all the luck.
In 17.1-rc1 gifs play very well in the background when in file browser. As soon as the gif is being viewed full screen it only shows first frame.
It works when adding
So one is able to play gifs from within videos. Some drawback here is:
1.) it only plays one cycle
2.) no background music possible

Adding an option to pictures to play gifs with definition of cycles would really be fantastic!
(2017-03-17, 09:17)Uatschitchun Wrote: Adding an option to pictures to play gifs with definition of cycles would really be fantastic!

That would be nice.
Playback is obviously possible.
Will this feature be available soon? Personally I would value having animated gifs play within pictures as part of slideshows
Hello. I also place .gif background but the cycle seems only like 2 seconds maxium, even if gif has 5 sec duration.
Any workaround on this?

Hi Wolfman, 

I know this is an old posting, but I too am interested in full GIF animation during slideshows (not just the first frame).   Did you ever find a solution?

Also which Picture Slideshow Add-on sceeensaver do use that supports GIF animation?   The screensaver option might just work for me if other GIF alternatives are unavailable.


[I have a Picture Slideshow Add-On screensaver installed which plays GIF's without a problem and very smoothly.The only downside to this being that I can only point it to a folder and not just select an individual GIF.The solution would obviously be to use the built in 'Picture Viewer'....pleeeeease can we make this happen.]
A little disappointing that in spite of entries in this forum going back some years, we now have Kodi 18 still without animated GIFs in slideshow
Still waiting....
+1 either add support for opening animated images like GIF and APNG or remove support for opening JPG or any other image format whatsoever, seems as arbitrary as not letting us see animated images. We even have support for txt haha

It's like one of those things that big corporations like M$ and Google do to us, they just let us beg for 15-30 years until they add/fix it

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