Live TV menu disappearing
I'm using Kodi 16.1 on a Windows 10 box as my htpc. Set up isn't fancy. Music, movies, tv shows and live tv with Phenomenal as my skin. I'm using NextPVR in a server/client setup (i.e. my tv tumer and the NextPVR software is on a different box then the htpc). Instead of powering the pc off when I'm not using it, I put it to sleep. Unfortunately, every time I wake it up, the Live TV home screen menu has disappeared. If I disable then re-enable the pvr in Kodi, everything comes back.

I've tried setting up Kodi on a Windows 8.1 box, with the same results.

My movie and tv show library are on the same box as the pvr and I don't loose connection to them. I've tried different switches, thinking it might be a setting there, but it didn't help.

I've also tried Titan and Aeon MQ6 as my skins. The Live TV menu disappears with Titan, but not with MQ6. While I like MQ6, it doesn't meet the "wife can use it" approval. Undecided

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.
the PVR menu in Phenomenal (and also in Titan, confluence, etc..) has visible condition, that only if pvr is enabled in your system, and channels are available - then it shows up.
the same goes for movies and tvshows, the only appear when you have content.

so the real problem for you is not that the menu is disappear, but the PVR itself that goes "offline" after your system come back from sleep mode..
it sounds like a software\hardware\setup problem rather than a skin problem, so I'm sorry but I cannot help with that.
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