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I am trying to figure out how to get the proper MCU (and other lists) sorted properly. I've not used movie sets but have flagged all MCU movies with a custom tag that will pull them together via a smart playlist but will not order them properly. The closest I can do is by year but when multiple movies have the same release year it then sorts movies with the same year alphabetically. This means the 'Captain America: The First avenger' is listed BEFORE "Thor" even though it should be listed after, by release and proper MCU order.

Is there a sub-sorting method within the <set> </set> field that the wiki doesn't explain well? I do not mean the movie's sorttitle as that will affect where these movies sort to in the main library and for that I want all Iron Man movies under I and all Thor movies under T, etc. 

I tried to create my own <mcu>###</mcu> field in the .nfo hoping I could pull the numerical value for sequencing the way <top250> works but that did not seem to do anything proper.

Is there another method of sorting that still eludes me here?


Just wanted to add that in 2011 2 films get out of order - Captain America: The First Avenger ends up before Thor. In 2015 Ant-Man ends up before Avengers: Age of Ultron. This year 3 films will be out of order - Ant-Man and The Wasp will be before Avengers: Infinity War and both will be before Black Panther. That's really starting to get the MCU out of order without another sorting solution that is not dependent on sorttitle.

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