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@Karellen I believe my first post in this thread was a little confusing as I noted it was a thread regarding the MCU sort order specifically but it didn't register when I wrote my post that the OP wanted the timeline order. I want, and I believe most are also looking for, the release order. You are correct that I do not want to use the sortorder to put these 19+ movies into a main library combined location under M. I have only 2 "sets" of movies which that works for, for me, and those are the James Bond films and the Man With No Name trilogy. I use sortorder quite extensively through my library to make a proper library sorting rather than the mainly straight alphabetical mess I see far too often. The 6th Day and The Sixth Sense should be side-by-side, not miles apart.

I also have my media very well curated so I'm not looking at changing the cataloging system. I do appreciate you found a method that seems to work. Again lots of people with ideas out there. I'm hoping there is a solution that can be implemented within Kodi that will work for everyone in the simplest manner. So far I've come up with what I believe to be the simplest. Maybe one of the devs will be a big MCU fan and figure how to work something in. Unless I have misunderstood your above method for getting the order you created to work?

@Powerhouse For the above noted reasons your method does not work in my library for my purposes. Thank you for presenting the option for those who may choose to utilize it.

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