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(2018-07-01, 00:42)Karellen Wrote:
(2018-06-29, 15:53)K0D1User1138 Wrote: I do not mean the movie's sorttitle as that will affect where these movies sort to in the main library and for that I want all Iron Man movies under I and all Thor movies under T, etc. 
@Powerhouse I don't think that fits the original question. I haven't tried your example there, but won't it put all movies under M instead of I for Iron Man? 
Simple Answer, turn off the feature that groups Movie Sets, when you searching through your movies. From the Wiki...

Show Movie Sets
Settings level:Standard
Description:When enabled, movies that are tagged with a "Movie set" are grouped together under one entry in the movie library. This entry can then be opened to display the individual movies. When disabled, each movie will have its own entry in the movie library, even if it belongs to a set. It has no affect on the Movie Sets node.

This will fix the issue, of Iron Man listed under "I", but it means when you are scanning through your movies, no sets will be displayed. Instead you will have to look under Movie Sets to see the groupings of your various Movie Sets.

Now, if you are talking about having a Movie Set for Iron Man, and then a separate Movie Set for Marvel (that Includes Iron Man), you can't do this. Again from the Wiki...

Note: Movies can only be used in one set at a time. To use movies in more than one collection requires a different method using Tags. See: video library tags.

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