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(2018-07-01, 11:19)jjd-uk Wrote: What do you use to generate those nfo’s? as that sounds familiar.
 I export my library to movie folders. I work hard to curate my large library so every movie is in it's own folder with identical folder/file name, all the artwork I want to use and a locally stored trailer in the best quality I can obtain.

When I scrape into my library all the scraper is doing is filling in the movie's information, mainly from IMDb. The artwork and trailer are already local. Once I confirm the scraped information to be correct plus add any tags I use for my sorting/icons I do a library export which creates the .nfo file in the movie directory.

This way if my library ever goes corrupt (and it has) all I have to do next time is scan each parent folder and all the information is already there.

I have 12 8TB drives for HD movies set up as specific letters. A+B, C+D, E+F, G+H, I+J, K+L, M+N, O+P+Q, R, S, T, U+V+W+X+Y+Z. I use a 4TB drive for any non-HD movies in one mega folder then another 4TB drive for "other" movies like Documentaries, Stand-up and Music Concerts, 4KUHD (which I only have a few and currently for testing purposes) and then 6 4TB drives for all my TV shows. Still lots of room to expand other than the A+B drive which is down to about 250GB free.

The .nfo files are heaven for so many things. It's a fantastic feature of Kodi but I do which there was a method of exporting on an individual movie/TV Show episode basis. But you can also override all .nfo files with newer versions as well which is great if you do a library wide update to something like IMBd scores and want to save the newest results.

Figured out UMS was mostly scraping 'premiered' without month and day, then not scraping it at all and now scraping it properly. Now I need to figure out if I can force a full library 'premiered' refresh to get all that info in.

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