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(2018-07-02, 18:25)K0D1User1138 Wrote: Your "preference" for changing the function of sorttitle to suit only your very specific and narrow view would not be beneficial and win-win for all. You need to understand how sorttitle works and why it is there on a global scale.

What you want is a parameter within the movieset string to allow for a specified sort order that applies directly to that specific movie set. All your examples require additional work and knowledge above and beyond what sorttitle currently is used for and implemented. I use sorttitle for a variety of reasons and methods and I have never had a guest complain they couldn't find a movie in an in-proper location because of how the title is written. The MCU phase ordering isuse I had has been resolved and thus resolved a number of other sorting issues I was hoping to fix.

To address what the OP of this thread wanted may be achieved with a new movieset sort parameter but would ultimately be fixed if Kodi read smart playlists in proper sequence order like how iTunes reads, displays and plays back a music playlist. The first movie in the list is the first movie listed. Second is second and so on. Right now Kodi glitches and just presents the list in a random order if set to "playlist" sortorder. It's a bug I've been reading about that's been around for awhile.
 Actually changing "sorttitle" fixes exactly what is currently lacking. The Concurrent display of Individual Movies, when you have "Sets" turned on. Currently when viewing your entire Movie list, you will only see Single Movies and Movie Sets (but not the individual Movies in those Sets) if the "Sets" feature is enabled (so you wouldn't see Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, but instead would only see the Movie Set "Marvel Superheroes" or whatever you called the Movie Set. 

However, this would not fix the Movies is multiple sets issue (Iron Man Set, Captain America Set, Marvel Superheroes set), which jjd-uk has already mentioned.

Also, I'm pretty sure, you had to at some point manually change each Movie Title you adjusted using "sorttitle", which required additional knowledge and work as well. Plus your current fix was to fix the "Premiered date", requiring additional knowledge (which you learned from this thread), and time to fix all your Movies data. I, on the other hand, simply changed the Movie Display name to fix the issue's you've brought up (but in my case, I used a Media Manager to do this easily).

I do like jjd-uk's proposal to use a different "SetOrder" instead of messing with "Sorttitle" to avoid people who used "Sorttitle" to make changes to their database (as you have).

And don't get me wrong, both methods would require additional work to implement, but in the end, would provide a better experience for the Kodi end users.

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