Support for H.264 on NV GT218 (ion) with Jarvis?
I have an atom+ion2 (GT218) nvidia card, running Ubuntu 16.04 with NVidia 304.131 drivers.

When I try to play back H.264 video the video is choppy (audio is fine). Is there something I'm missing / need to do to accelerate H264 encoded video?
debug log (wiki)
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I created a log after watching ~5 seconds of video from the Myth back-end. The log is here: kodi.log:

These errors seem to be related:
ERROR: CDVDAudio::AddPacketsRenderer - timeout adding data to renderer
ERROR: (VDPAU) Error: An invalid pointer was provided.(4) at VDPAU.cpp:1064
ERROR: Decode - avcodec_decode_video returned failure

Can anyone suggest a next step to diagnose?
I found a workaround (i wouldn't call it a solution). If I disable de-interlacing for a single video (using ENTER then B key), then playback is smooth.

Until I figure out the root cause, is there a way to set DEFAULT deinterlacing of TV to OFF ? (So I don't have to turn it off every channel/recording)?
What de-interlacing methods did you try? ion2 is too weak for doing high quality de-interlacing (temporal spatial) for 1080i. Set to temporal.

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Support for H.264 on NV GT218 (ion) with Jarvis?0
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