Tvheadend backend 4.1.2088 - Picons
I ve tried .1945 and now 2088,

But since I use a 4.1.X backend I cannot get picons to work whatsoever.
I ve cleaned caches a million times, reset picons, tried the force 1_0_1 format and everything.

Eventually I can see the PIcons in the EPG "i" window, but they simply dont get served to frontends. (Nor Libreelec stable nor libreelec krypton).

I have two tvh backends, a 3.9.x and this 4.1.x the old 3.9 keeps working like a charm on all frontends.

I dont like to revert to 3.9.x for this backend cause it serves 4k sat channels.

I can manually add the icons for 50 channels but thats quite a job Smile
How long did you wait for them to show up? TVH is different than other backends I've used in this regard. For example, with MythTV when the PVR client first receives the channel lineup from the backend it receives the channel icons at that initial load. However, with Tvheadend it seems that the channel icons are not sent to the PVR client until something in Kodi wants to display that icon. After clearing my caches and then restarting the pvr.hts addon, when I open the guide I have to wait about 30-90 per page in the guide for the channel icons to appear and be loaded into Kodi.

I realize my situation does not mirror yours exactly as I am using channel icons rather than picons, but I think that difference is only related to auto-filling the icon field of the channel rather than any real difference in the way the backend handles the icons. What does the "icon" field of the channel have for you backend? If they are showing up in the web interface, then there ought to be no problem with them appearing in Kodi.
Check on the web interface as well - if you click on an upcoming programme and that shows an icon, then the problem is Kodi/pvr,hts-related rather than the picons per se (i.e. tvheadend has the icons, they're just not getting to you).
Well yeah, but I get the picons being served from HTS Tvheadend v4.0.9 are getting through just fine.
I've tried a million things, I am pretty sure there is something wrong with 4.1.X but not many are using it now I guess.

so to sum up

4.0.9 -> LIbreelec 7.0.1 Jarvis - works fine
4.0.9 -> Libreelec nightly Krypton - works fine
4.1.2088 -> Libreelec 7.0.1 Jarvis - nothing
4.1.2088 -> Librelec nightly Krypton - nothing.

At the server in the EPG, I do retrieve the icons.
I reset icons, i clear cache at backend. I refresh and clear data on fronted krypton. I don everything multiple times, i just dont get
the picons to work. I see similar posts on german forum which chose to do channel icons instead of picons in the end.

I ve now manually added some picons as channel icons in the fronted... tiresome Smile
Odd. I'm serving from 4.1-2076~gbb64db6 to LibreElec 7.0.1 Jarvis and standalone 16.1-c327c53 on Ubuntu with no problem on either.

What do you have in your picon settings and/or imagecache settings?

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