adbLink 3.3: Windows/Mac/Linux Companion for Kodi

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(2017-06-20 03:03)mechaaztlan Wrote:  [SOLVED]

That worked, thank you! Going to donate a couple of bucks to the project.

Here's what I did so maybe it helps someone. Downloaded Kingoroot apk, installed it via adblink. On the firestick I ran the app and let it root my device, it says it was successful and installed it own SU. I then Uninstalled both of the apps via the firestick menu. I also downloaded and installed Super SU apk via adblink. After that I am good.

Not sure if kingoroot actually rooted? I was pretty late to the party and was pretty sure I was unable to root. Maybe a false positive or something.

Glad it's fixed!

adbLink The Kodi Companion. GPL 3.0, Sources on Github, Available for Windows, Mac & Linux.
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