No PVR add-ons could be found
Hi there:
I'm getting this message: You need a tuner, backend software, and an add-on for the backend to be able to use PVR.
Somebody can help telling me how can I do that? Thanks a lot!!
I have the same issue and I dont have PVR among my addons...
Hi guys,
I have the same issue, did you solved in some way?

Thank you
Read through this...You need to use apt-get to install the PVR add-ons

What OS are you on?
Hi all,

Just buy a Qplus 4K MBOX. Got an older box working well before.
This brand new box have in system info menu :
build: 17.3 Git:unknown on android 7.1.1 API level 25 (kernel:Linux 3.14.29)
the PVR service is shadowed (not activate)
PVR seem not activated ... An if I try to activate in the menu Add-ons/my add-ons usually we find PVR menu between Program add-ons and Services ...
Nothing here
And if I reach the PVR list by an other way, the PVR list is empty.
In fact I just want to activate simple client and stalker client.

What need to be done to make this work Huh
Thanks for your help,
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No PVR add-ons could be found00