Channel logo's in Kodi with TVHeadend
Hey guys,

I've just managed to get tvheadend working with my Synology NAS and streaming live TV to my 2x Kodi clients - a HTPC running Windows in the loungeroom and a Raspberry Pi running Openelec in the bedroom. All seems to be working well, except for one thing.... I can't seem to work out how to get the channel logo's to display! I had this configured with my previous setup using Mediaportal backend installed directly on the Windows HTPC through the Mediaportal TV Server config.

I've looked around at numerous guides that mention using web links to point to the channel logo but I can't find where in TVHeadend WebGUI to put these addresses. I've also seen mention of 'picons' under the general section of the web interface, but again I don't have that on the version installed on my NAS. Is there something obvious I'm missing here? Ideally I'd like it setup properly in TVHeadend so it is automated for both the clients and any potential future clients.

Thanks in advance!
I just added all of the logos for my channels I put all of the web links in configuration>channel/EPG>Channels. If you click on the channel and press edit you insert the link where it says “user icon”,or you can double click on the user icon column for each channel and past the links there.

Just found a check box under EPG Grabber to automatically update channel icons. It is conveniently called "Update channel icon" i did not test it because it said it will change preset ones.
Look at picons in here it is certainly the most appropriate way to do it. You can select the background of the logos, the size of the logos, etc...
Anyway it is the best way to have icons on kodi
Quote:Ideally I'd like it setup properly in TVHeadend
Or if you just want the channel logos in Kodi, then take a look at enen92's Beta - TVLogo Downloader script (which uses zag's logo database) - you'd need to do it per Kodi instance but it was quick and painless for me.

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I just store all my icons in a directory named "TV Channel Icons" in my user directory, and point Kodi to that. I have found that there is no one good source of icons - some icons sites have versions that are too small to display well in Kodi, others have black text or other black components that don't display well against a black background (as in the Titan skin), others are not transparent where they should be, and then occasionally you get a weird format that won't display in Kodi. More than once I've pulled an icon into Gimp to do some fixes or touch-up, or even just simple format conversion.

Some sources besides the ones already mentioned are Wikipedia (which surprisingly often has a usable icon), Google or Bing image search, and the Lyngsat logo database (although theirs are often too small to display well). Or as a last resort, record an hour or two of the channel, look for station ID's or promos where the channel logo is clearly displayed against a contrasting background, take a screen image capture while Kodi is playing the recording and the logo is displayed, and then use an image editor to cut out the logo from the background and save it as a new image with a transparent background (obviously this will be a lot easier if you're a regular user of the Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, or some similar image editor and know how to use the selection tools).

I have not had good luck trying to use picons in TVHeadEnd; they made Kodi load horrendously slow and even crash. Maybe that's been fixed, but I'm not in any big hurry to try again, since storing the icons on the same machine as Kodi seems to work quite well.

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Channel logo's in Kodi with TVHeadend0
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