Embedded cover art in XiphComments? (Vorbis)
Hi all,

I'm very new to kodi and have one question about cover art... For me, it only works for mp3. Using ogg vorbis files, nothing is displayed.

Now, the wiki says, that it is not supported. But it also says, that METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE is read by kodi (v16). And after a quick look at the code (but master, that is) it at least seems that METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE is somehow read (but perhaps not further processed?).

So... I would like to know if this is supported in kodi (and perhaps one of the wiki pages is wrong) or if it is perhaps an upcoming feature?

Thanks a lot
Embedded images in my Flac files with Vorbis comments work OK, but not sure about ogg. Should be the same code, perhaps? Then again I'm not sure I am seeing the results of METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE or COVERART tags.

Wiki could easily be wrong. If you can try a trace of the code during scan of TagLoaderTagLib.cpp - I notced a PR so wondering if you have some dev skills.?
After digging more in the code and reading the TagLib API documentation, I think found the problem. I'll prepare a PR which (hopefully) fixes loading embedded cover art for xiph comments.

EDIT: Just saw that this is due to an API change in TagLib (1.11). So it's a litte bit more complicated...
Great, ping me on that PR when done. Also help if you can provide some (licence free) ogg files for testing (same is true of your Opus file PR). I am away from my dev env at the moment, so can't do any trace or testing.
It takes some more effort (see my EDIT above)... Sad
@DaveBlake: Hopefully PR #9935 does the trick.
Feeling a bit amazed that embedded art had stopped working with Taglib 1.11 and somehow I had not noticed Wink

Does this impact all formats using Vorbis comments?
(2016-06-09, 11:22)DaveBlake Wrote: Feeling a bit amazed that embedded art had stopped working with Taglib 1.11 and somehow I had not noticed Wink

Does this impact all formats using Vorbis comments?

Yes, and I wondered (giving kodi on my Arch Linux a try, which uses taglib 1.11) why no one complains about seeing no cover art in ogg files. Wink

I think it impacts all formats with xiph comments, yes. Flac is an exception because it already handled cover art seperately before.
@DaveBlake: Don't know why but sending a PM here doesn't work. Do you still need example files?
New forum members can't PM, I think you have to do so many posts first. But I am pretty hot at checking the activity in "music corner". Also if you mention me in a PR on Git I get a ping, so always a good idea with a new PR to bring it to the attention of those that may be interested (once you know who that is).

As for example files. I was going to try and make my own as you suggested, but won't get time until later over the weekend. Not enough hours in the day. So if you want to help me along then point me at some. Smile

While we are chatting are you interested in looking into other music fixes and improvements? There is lots to do, and very few quick fixes, but willing contributors that are prepared to be patient with the overloaded dev team and what can be a slow and frustrating review process, and to reserach the "big picture" autonomously are much needed.
Example files: That is why I tried to send you a PM because it's not easy to find 100% free examples. Smile

Would be great if the opus/comments-PRs could make it into v17.

Other music fixes/improvements: I'm not sure if I have enough time either. Or skills. Smile But, are there any existing ... "topics"?
You need a few more posts (10 in fact) and PM becomes an option. Meanwhile I can PM you my email address, which can't take music file attachments but a dropbox link would work.

Need to get some testing done before merge, but I will support your PRs into v17 no worries.

Time is always the issue for everyone, and once you start you can find Kodi eating weeks of your life! I need to type up my job list sometime, the forum feature request list is very long too. And there are bugs listed in Trac, so many date back 18months or more, but hard to get a handle on. I really it is about what areas of Kodi interest you. Are there things it does you would like it to do better, more etc.? I'm happy to talk about the stuff I know a little about.

As for "topics" just as a random example, immediately related to what you have done is the way Kodi makes embedded art available to the skins. It can scan upto 3 images from tags, but only shows one. For multiple artist music you only see the first artist image, not the others etc. I have not dug into this any further to define the task, but there are clues out on the forum.
Now I have some files to start with I can make ogg and opus files as I want. Shame that the ones you sent weren't smaller!

Meanwhile I and getting some odd behaviour with images in FLAC files. I have ended up with a zombie image, that is no longer embedded in the music files AKAIK, but Kodi v17 keeps finding it. Yet v16 doesn't (taglib 1.10). Fancy helping me out to track this down?
When it comes to FLAC files I'm not sure about how pictures *should* be stored. kid3/easytag/picard all doesn't save a tag name, they just save the image. Can you confirm that? So neither the "old" (which looks for METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE) nor the new code (which uses pictureList() which also looks for METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE) in ParseTag() can find the pictures. But both v16 and v17 use SetFlacArt() which doesn't depend on this tag name. At least this is how I understand it. So, no, this does not answer the question why v17 keeps finding your zombie image. :-D

How did you come to this zombie image? Could you make this (or an equivalent free file) available for me?

(And, talking about v17 you mean WITH my PR?)
Thanks for engaging with this. No I'm not sure either about how images in FLAC work, and I had not questioned it until your PR, which works fine BTW.

During testing I noticed one of my test albums had low res thumb, and for no real reason decided to replace it with a higher one. So I used Mp3tag to remove the embedded art and add a better cover image, but this better image never appeared. So I swapped for a completedly different image to make it more obvious, v17 (with and without your PR, it is nothing related to anything you did) still shows the original.

Load the same music files into v16 I see my new image, look in Mp3tag and Picard it is the only image embedded, but back in v17 up comes the old one. I have deleted cache etc. Messed with versions that don't call SetFlacArt, and then I get no thumbnail, so the art isn't comming from somewhere else.

It would seem to be an interaction between how Mp3tag edits cover art in FLAC and how taglib 1.11 reads it.

I'm going to see if I can repeat it the issue with smaller (fake) music files that will be easier to pass about for analysis.

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