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AEON [BACKPACK] (formerly "Xephyr"): Backdrop Release Thread
All backgrounds are now available (in 1080p) from the AEON website:

why not publish a torrent of it and I we can seed it and save everyone the bandwith costs?
Torrent sounds like a good idea.
If you want I could upload it and seed it for you. I have 300 kB/s upload.
Not the fastest speed but i think it is enough.
A torrent seems ideal right away. I can probably throw it on my server after that, since I get unlimited bandwidth.
PS: The IT Crowd? Rad. Big Grin
Torrent it is then. Now how on Earth do I do that?
Maybe you can use rapidshare.com. It has a max filesize of 100Mb
djh_ Wrote:Torrent it is then. Now how on Earth do I do that?

  1. Download uTorrent (http://www.utorrent.com/).
  2. File->Create New Torrent.
  3. Add your files/directories (I'd recommend a single rar file for simplicity).
  4. Check the "start seeding" box and create/save-as.
  5. Give us the .torrent file it creates.
  6. Leave uTorrent running until a few more seeds show up.
Alternately, send me an email at [email protected] and I'll let you put this on my server.
Torrent's up. Check the top post.
hooo boy. I'm looking forward to this sexi stuff.
Ummm there is no tracker listed in that torrent lol
it's his first time...give him a chance Wink
If you are using DHT in uTorrent then theres no need for a tracker.
So just enable DHT and it will work.
HarshReality Wrote:Ummm there is no tracker listed in that torrent lol

No idea what you're talking about.

Hope this link might help with regards seeding your SkinPack. I look forward to trying them out.


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AEON [BACKPACK] (formerly "Xephyr"): Backdrop Release Thread51