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AEON [BACKPACK] (formerly "Xephyr"): Backdrop Release Thread
our forum is XTRA vigilant with new forum users these days (trying to stop spammers)
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

thanks for fixing the links. took me about 10mins to realize why my posts kept disapearing.Confused
Second Backpack now uploading. Check the link in the first post (in about 40 minutes).

Oh, and the photographic Picture wallpapers (not the ladies, sadly) are mine, so feel free to use wherever.
Great additions to the first backpack! Thanks a bunch djh!
You might want to rename the following before transferring them as they already as that name exist in pack one -

punisher.bmp -> punisher_2
spiderman3.bmp -> spiderman3_3
heroes -> heroes_2
prisonbreak -> prisonbreak_2
weeds -> weeds_3

Great set, thanks.
prison break

were part of the update that i submitted, they are not part of the official djh packs (but i noticed that djh changed the name of his tv background folder).

if there is intrest i could upload a revised update pack with some added music wallpapers: snoop, kanye west, daft punk & jamiroquai
Daft Punk - yes please.
Absolutely awesome. Fantastic work! Thanks!
smokeyfingaz Wrote:i noticed that djh changed the name of his tv background folder

Yeah. Whoops.
how about having a standard folder for the BGs... this way it is easy to leverage them from multiple skins, if needed and also you can code it into the core Xephyr build so we do not need to mod the skin with each new build.

I have a ton of backgrounds I'm using in PM3 that will float over to Xephyr and also have other categories for more types of things... I like to put my most used items (scripts) on the main menu so they are easy to get to.

I'm using this structure...

-- Backgrounds
----- Games
----- Photos
----- TV
----- Movies
----- Music
----- Arcade
----- Theatre
----- News
----- Arcade
----- Weather
----- Settings
----- Radio
----- Internet
----- Home Controls
----- Settings
----- System
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
heres a few more music backgrounds:

some hip hop (snoop, kanye west, nas) and 2 daftpunk

if a mod can fix the link

h t t p : / / r a p i d s h a r e . c o m /files/53903918/xephyr-backpack_update2.rar. h t m l
For python coding questions first see
Nice. More choice is always good.
I started posting in the xephyr main topic but seems this place would be much more appropriated.

I'm looking to make (and share) as most Xephyr backpacks as possible, and I wanted to ask you people where you would find you original images? As hitcher said earlier in the topic, it's hard to find "pure" images, without logos and stuff...

I'm looking for games, tv shows, movies, and music (electronic/hip hop mainly) hi def images to work with.

Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated and I would obviously share back my wallpapers Wink Thanks in advance Smile

Here is my xephyr-wallpapers-url where you can find my stuff:
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AEON [BACKPACK] (formerly "Xephyr"): Backdrop Release Thread51