Release Repository Bootstrapper (makes your own repo)
Repository Bootstrapper

Creating a repository enables you to easily distribute your addons to your Kodi clients.
It has never been easier before and with "Repo Bootstrapper", you can create one from scratch by running a simple Python script.

  1. Create a repository addon which users can install.
  2. Create the addons.xml and addon.xml.md5 files.
  3. ZIP-file your addons with version numbers.
  4. Copy changelogs and rename with version numbers.
  5. Copy icons & fanarts, if any.
  6. Ignore .idea subdirectories in addons' directories (pycharm's project settings)
  • This all is outputted in a directory (default _repo) which you can sync to an online server.

How to get started

  1. Download the master zip or clone the repo:
  2. Put your uncompressed addon directories in the root folder OR copy the _tools folder to your directory with uncompressed addons
  3. Edit _tools/config.ini
  4. The 'url' value in config.ini should be the address to directory at the server where you will place the 'output' directory. If your _tools folder is at, the url should be set at By default, the script will use addresses like:
  5. When using GitHub, please use the 'raw' location (eg.[username]/[repository]/)
  6. Run _tools/

That's it! You have just created a repository addon if it did not exist and in the output folder all your zipped addons and repo files.
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Bump to 1.1.2 with several changes to the script after a bit of research and more testing:

- Now correctly loops through each folder to copy changelogs, fanarts, icons.
- New class: "Copier" for the above mentioned function
I guess this won't work with Kodi 19 and python 3?
(2021-12-28, 22:35)awesomebuilder Wrote: I guess this won't work with Kodi 19 and python 3?

Nope, Python 2 and 3 are not really compatible.
But the Github page is still available, so someone should be able to give it a go.
So, went to github and downloaded (latest?) version from there and is working absolutely fine  Rofl

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