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I've asked this in the past in the general feat req forum with no interest, but would like to throw it out there one more time.

Currently, Kodi provides the ability to save the now-playing music playlist to an m3u file. The problem is that if the song or its file path contain any characters that aren't in the ascii range they get replaced by spaces so the resulting m3u file is useless in Kodi or any other program. Kodi can read m3u8 files with no problem (but for music must have extension m3u).

GUIWindowMusicPlaylist provides the function SavePlayList. This function gets the filename from user input, appends .m3u, and creates a complete path for the file. then it constructs a CplayListM3U object and executes a playlist.Save(strPath).

PlayListM3U then creates the file and writes out the content. Here it calls CharSetConverter to execute utf8ToStingCharset. I guess this encodes into the user's locale codepage. So I think what would be possible is to create a new PlayListM3U8.cpp that does the same thing but without the conversion with a CplayListM3U8 class.

So, it could be that an option is provided in GUIWindowMusicPlaylist (and I suppose GUIPlayListEditor as well) either create a PlayListM3U or PlayListM3U8 object to write utf-8. I suppose it would need to throw up a yes/no dialog to select the format.

scott s.
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