Recording of programs with international characters in the name

I have just configured Tvheadend for recording programs. The backend runs on Wetek Play with Openelec. A WD Mybook Live NAS share is cifs mounted to /storage/recordings which is the recording path.
It works fine with some channels but does not work with others. The following is in the TVH logs in faulty case:

2016-06-19 13:27:04.079 subscription: 0401: "DVR: Labdarúgás" subscribing on channel "Sport 1 HD", weight: 300, adapter: "Availink IN2 AVL6211+AV2011 DVB-S/S2 : DVB-S #0", network: "Thor 0.8W", mux: "12034V", provider: "UPC Direct", service: "Sport 1 HD", profile="pass"
2016-06-19 13:27:05.125 pass: /storage/recordings/Labdar?g?s.ts: Unable to create file, open failed -- No such file or directory
2016-06-19 13:27:05.125 dvr: Recording error: "/storage/recordings/Labdar?g?s.ts": Unable to open file
2016-06-19 13:27:05.125 subscription: 0401: "DVR: Labdarúgás" unsubscribing from "Sport 1 HD"

I suspect that recording fails when the program name contains international charater and it causes file creation problem. Is ther any workaround to solve this problem?
The problem is the CIFS mount. You need to make sure that tell TVH to only use "Windows-compatible filenames" when it stores the recording. Otherwise, it will create the files fine, and you'll be able to see them, but you won't be able to access them. You may also need to check which codepage is being used when you mount the CIFS share to ensure that the server and the client are using the same encoding for the filenames.

(CIFS/SMB is great because of its ubiquity, but there are also a lot of deficiencies, especially in a Unix-like environment.)
Thanks for your fast and useful answer. I managed to configure TVH recordings settings.
No problem. I ran into the same problem were recordings would save fine, but they couldn't be found again for playback and were filed as failed because the program title had a ":" in it, which is not allowed. I could see the files in the filesystem and list them, but that was all I could do. (In the end I was able to rename them from the NAS web interface and play them directly in Kodi, but it was a hassle.)

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Recording of programs with international characters in the name0
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