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Plugin python directory services for XBMC (now in SVN)
Hi all, please forgive my obviously noobie question... but I have to start somewhere...

A plugin effectively represents a hierarchical menu / filesystem structure right?... and as such can act as a legitimate 'source' of media for XBMC.

If a plugin was written that 100% mirrored a filesystem... would it be visually rendered EXACTLY the same way as if the data had come from a 'native' source?
What I mean by this is... if I wrote a plugin that literally represented the filesystem and returned strings of the filenames (folder.jpg, movie.avi etc), all skins would render exactly the same as native file system?.. showing the fanart, and movies etc

Actually.. it's more than one question I need to ask...

The strings that the plugin returns represent nodes / files / folders... but at some point, XBMC needs to physically transport the data that those string represent right (needs to pull the files)?... is the plugin responsible for that, or must the string be a URI / URL that XBMC itself can pull the data from?

And finally... once XBMC has rendered list items / nodes that the plugin has supplied... how can the plugin detect that XBMC UI has selected one of the items in order to play it? ( I assume for a folder, XBMC will call the plugin once again with the folder path, but for a non folder... what happens then?)

I reiterate... a total noobie, and I have scanned extensively for help... but there's a lot of it, and much of it not great for the uninitiated!
I believe the feature evolved since the thread started, although the main idea is the same - for plugins you basically parse some data source of your choice, usually HTML, and then add items to the directory and depending on the media type, XBMC will know how to "play" it. It's much much easier to write plugins than scripts - I should know, I started both with little information and looked at other people's scripts/plugins, and wrote about 5 plugins in a month or so.

I would recommend looking at Nuka1195 plugins and from other people, and lastly, why not the ones in my signature. If you have specific questions you should probably start a new thread in the same forum and people will try to help you.

Im currently updating one of my plugins but seem to be having problems:

Im looking to display the label2, which I presume is the right hand label but it doesn't seem to work. The reason I want to use this rather than the infoLabels is becuase I dont want the list sorted in any way as my 2nd labels do not fit into any of the standard categories. Using the infolabels with valid dictionary items like 'Genre' etc displays correct but it also sorts. When I use UNSORTED or NONE I dont see any labels and having text in 'label2' of ListItem doesn't display anything.

Any Ideas would be much appreciated..
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Ive seen it out there in servers but I cant find it anywhere.

Im lookin for a plugin that allows people to give others their throwables much like how you can give other survivors pills and whatnot.

Plugin python directory services for XBMC (now in SVN)52