WeTek Hub - 24p HD Netflix - HD Kodi Audio - 10bit HEVC - Lollipop - 4K
NOTE: Review below out of date - Android Marshmallow WeOS3.1 has been released allowing such things a 4K Netlifx

A new review is incoming regarding this release.

Updated - 11 December 2016

The Mini setup guide for WeTek Hub / Play2 - Android Lollipop - WePlayer / SPMC (Kodi) devices.

Infra Red remote control response with the Hub's remote is greatly improved if you use the included IR extender cable. The IR receiver in the actual Hub itself has issues it seems.
LibreELEC Kodi has been found to have a bad unresolved memory leak bug that shows up sooner rather than later on 1GB AMLogic devices like the Hub. Kodi on Android is unaffected. Update: Fixed !

LibreELEC 7.0.2 - Kodi Jarvis 16.1 found HERE

New OTA WeTek Android Firmware updated to v1.02, see WeTek Android Forums HERE
Various Android TV OS (leanback) Apps will now work better on the Hub with the new Firmware, these are found over HERE

WeTek Hub:
WeTek Hub Website HERE
Price: 89 EUR Including VAT when sold inside the EU, free delivery (info from droidELEC). Export pricing (excluding VAT) a bit cheaper.
Expected release: July 2016

CNX-Software Hub Teardown

watch gallery

AMLogic S905-H Revision C, fast 10bit (decode only) - 4K / 1080p / H264 / HEVC / HD DRM Video Streamer / Kodi / IPTV media player, running Android Lollipop 5.1.1 or a dual boot Android / OpenELEC combo.
This is WeTek's entry level AMLogic S905 media player, that provides HD Audio passthrough and 10bit HEVC video decoding at 2160p (4K) Video output at up to 50/60Hz over HDMI 2.0.

  • HD Audio Passthrough of True-HD, DTS-MA, ATMOS, AC3, DTS, see hdmkv's review below.
  • However Multichannel PCM (>2.0) audio support is questionable. I still believe it is not working at all in LibreELEC.
  • Excellent Motion Adaptive video de-interlacing for broadcast TV viewing.
  • IR Remote control, that includes a very basic DPad Air Mouse Function
  • Standby Mode, activated using IR on the remote control.
  • OTA (Over the Air) Android Firmware updating
  • Properly synced 23.976/24/25/29.97/50/59.94/60Hz video output for smooth video playback
  • Includes dynamic refresh rate switching when using Kodi, based on source video's fps.
  • Netflix and Google Widevine Level 1 DRM + Microsoft Playready certified + HDCP - for full 1080p HD DRM video streaming. All other AMLogic and Rockchip Android media players are limited to 480p Max resolution for DRM Netflix and other Apps....
  • Dolby and DTS licensed device.
First Impressions:
The Hub is a really tiny (actually cute), solid, quality device. Nicely packaged with quite a number of cords, plugs and attachments.
WeTek have listened to concerns from the previous product the Core and lengthened the power cable to ~1.2m (4 feet) and also now included an AUS/NZ power adapter for those of us living down under. Excellent stuff Smile
There is also now a 2m (6.5 feet) Infra Red extender cable, so the Hub can be attached behind a TV or hidden in a cabinet with only the IR receiver visible. Why you would want to do this to the cool, funky little Hub is anyones guess. Wink
WiFi is Dual Band 2.4/5GHz AC, and I've had no problems with it. A RS232 Serial cable is also included for those hackers and tinkerers to directly access U-boot and the Linux Kernel using a PC and Putty or similar programs.

The Very Bad:
  • However, due to cost constraints the IR Remote Control is inferior to the superb IR / RF Wireless one used with the WeTek Core.
  • The usual remote buttons work just fine over IR, but when it comes to using the Air Mouse function on this Hub's remote, frankly it sucks. Big Time !
  • This is a standard D-Pad IR Air Mouse remote function, you would find on any regular Android Lollipop box. Its very slow, only goes Up/Down Left/Right and is confusing as hell, and I'm a pretty experienced operator.

  • I hated this Hub IR Air Mouse Remote so much I actually dismantled my WeTek Core to remove its RF Wireless receiver and used its excellent Air Mouse remote control to be able to use Android Apps on the Hub easily and quickly.
  • WeTek you have shot yourself in the foot here with this IR Air mouse remote control functionality Sad
The Very Good: Smile
  • A user adjustable on the fly, dynamic, Global Android OS refresh rate switching and video sync function for all Android Apps. Apps can be individually selected too for exclusion.
  • This results in very smooth HD Netflix playback as well as nice video sync with other Android Apps. Excellent flexibility provided here.
  • Note: Netflix Audio is still 2.0 only.
  • A new WeTek Netmounter App to mount NFS, SMB Network shares directly in Android.
  • The usual slick, customisable WeTek Android Launcher. I really love the elegance and hidden power of this launcher. Thanks again CT
  • This WeTek launcher now includes a Android TV leanback Apps drawer, so compatible leanback Apps can be launched and used properly.
  • Kodi HD Audio support that includes ATMOS, AAC, DD+, See hdmkv's testing in Post #2
  • However Multichannel PCM (>2.0) audio support is questionable. I still believe it is not working at all in LibreELEC.
  • WiFi Spoofing when using Ethernet connection only, to fool those badly coded WiFi only Apps into working.

Still to come + Bug Fixes Needed:
  • Dual boot LibreELEC functionality. Added 21 June, working well with LibreELEC.
  • I expect to be able to add 7.1 HD Audio passthrough to LibreELEC pretty easily as well. Wink Now Added to LibreELEC
  • Fixing of Interlaced DVD playback in WeTek Jarvis 16.1 mediaplayer (I've supplied a YADIFx2 fix) Fixed in LibreELEC and WMP
  • 1080p <<<-->>> 2160p Auto switch and Video display sizing problem (I also have a fix for this) Fixed in LibreELEC

I'm a really torn reviewer here, being a big WeTek fan. I know the contribution this company is currently making to Kodi code for AMLogic Krypton behind the scenes. I respect and admire the professionalism and direction the company is taking BUT....

Fast, Accurate Air Mouse remote functionality is an absolutely Essential function to use any regular Android Lollipop Apps properly.
I rate this Hub's IR remote control Air Mouse an E meaning a near failure for proper Apps usability. Sad
Note here: Usability is perfectly fine when using Kodi or Wetek Jarvis mediaplayer as no Air Mouse functionality is needed, the same goes for included YouTube and any compatible Android TV (leanback) Apps

WeTek know about my strong concerns regarding the abysmal D-Pad Air Mouse function and they have told me they intend to offer alternative Bluetooth or RF Wireless Remote Control and Keyboard options for availability to customers, that will be paid for extras. They cannot come soon enough IMHO.

Once you get past the Air mouse usability problems, this is an excellent slick, fast media player device. Firmware is stable and there will be regular OS updates with proper after sales support provided by WeTek. There are a bunch of nice custom Apps now provided by WeTek. WeTek (Jarvis) mediaplayer and LibreELEC Kodi HD Audio output is virtually faultless combined with excellent Video Sync options and Hub picture quality and for that I rate it an A Smile

Tech Specs:
  • AMLogic S905-H Revision C
  • Mali-450MP Penta Core GPU/VPU
  • 8GB eMMC 5.0 Flash memory - Samsung
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet and Dual Band B/G/N/AC WiFi, external antenna.
  • BT 4.0
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Micro SD + 1 x USB2.0
  • Dual boot Android Lollipop 5.1.1 / OpenELEC, LibreELEC, Ubuntu optional
  • Google Widevine Level 1, Microsoft Playready + HDCP
  • 1080p DRM video streaming Apps such as Netflix.
  • Dolby and DTS Licences
  • 10-bit [email protected] HEVC decode only
  • HD Audio passthrough
  • IR Remote control.
  • External IR adapter to attach the HUB behind a TV

Review Criteria - applies to any Kodi media player device.

1) What is the seller / manufacturer actually claiming they support in regard to Audio and Video playback on their own Website ?
2) Can I actually use the advertised features properly with the include hardware, remote control etc. ?
3) Are they being truthful or just spinning customers with a load of marketing B.S. ?
4) Any GPL infringing versions of Kodi or Piracy links, advertising, screen captures etc will not be tolerated !
5) Is there an active Seller support forum for end users to help with device troubleshooting ?
6) And finally does the seller have a proven track record of providing after sales support to customers with regular OS updates ?


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