Weird thing happening
Hi all
I was wondering if someone could help me
Till now I use xbmc
Decided to switch to Kodi cause some repo will not work anymore
But now I am getting weird thing happening
Every time I install Kodi language is changing from English to I think Chinese
Why please help
It just stay English until I open addon then it switches again to Chinese

Thank you
debug log (wiki)

Which add-on?
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all of them
as soon as I click on them it changes
Thank you
I have no idea how to get debug log
Quote: I have no idea how to get debug log

Nickr provided you with an embedded link, you need to click on it and it will take you to the instructions.
Just in case:

CLICK HERE >>>> debug log (wiki) <<<< CLICK HERE
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I just reinstall everything incl windows
Seems works so far
Thanks all for trying
Like the sysadmin always sais: Did you try and reboot your device Smile

Well kinda.. Smile
Try rebooting your system and then try again, if not you could just follow the instructions and see whether it works, you may have to enable the debugging first.
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