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Yes, it works for music as well.
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
Is there a specific mutagen that's needed for this?  Tried installing last night (on Android) but it crashed Kodi when I tried to play anything...not sure if it's mutagen (since it's no longer available anywhere) or something else...
Nope, it shouldn't be needed, as a matter of fact I have no idea what mutagen is Smile What Kodi version?

Just tested it on Kodi 18 and it worked....
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
Hrm.  Mutagen is something that's listed as a required dependency when I tried to install.  It's a python library for pulling music information I believe.

Yeah, just looked in the addon.xml :
<requires><import version="2.1.0" addon="xbmc.python"/><import version="1.22.0" addon="script.module.mutagen"/></requires>

So, that answers the question of the version.  Issue being I don't think Mutagen is available anywhere anymore...
Looks like they changed something in the code concerning labels... To me it runs but shows only basic info. I'll have to take a look at this.
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
OK, so I managed to get 1.22 and everything is working fine.  Interestingly, the movie I was testing was still crashing out Kodi (a movie I've already watched) but others are working fine so...take the dependency issue with a grain of salt.  :/  Sorry about that.

However...nothing is getting put onto my FTP site Smile

I have error display on and it seems like it's connecting fine (i.e, an error is thrown if I change the IP or similar that it can't connect) but nothing gets uploaded when I play a file or stop playing a file. 

Do I need to do something configuration wise to have it send the files after installing the addon?  I know there are templates, but I assumed default ones were included at installation.

Edit: And, actually, let me just ask if what I'm trying to do is even possible.  I basically want to use this to have the poster be a static name (e.g., always accessible at http://FTP.poster.jpg or whatever) so I can display it in ActionTiles as part of a tablet home automation controller.  May not be possible so figured I'd just check first. Smile
I suppose you entered the credentials for ftp server. and folder if there is one. For me it works, but only sends poster and filename, the rest of the tags are not working, been a while since I used it Smile They must have changed something. but it is communicating. I think poster should be feasible.
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
Yup, entered login and all - just left folder blank.  Is the folder mandatory, or should it just drop into the root directory if none is provided? That could be the issue.
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