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Asrock DeskMini 110
Something new that could be used as a nice HTPC:
http://www.asrock.com/nettop/Intel/DeskMini 110 Series
There are rumours that it should cost about $130. Kaby Lake uses LGA1151 so if they going to update BIOS to support it it would be really nice.

There's also review if someone is interested.

Will.come back and edit into this and wipe out the other post..

Got mine all set, more then happy with it..

Not a purist as such and so can't get into sound and what it will or will not do.. but as a little rig that sits under the tv and does its magic I am more then happy..

They are still as rare as hen's teeth, seems Asrock wants to push the NICs.. but reviewers are still getting test units to play with.


I got mine with the wifi/Bluetooth from newegg US and getting it shipped to Aus..

Will grab some details out of the other thread and throw them here for reference.. as noted, this will not be the cheapest HTPC build out there as I plan to run a VM on it for HTML5 course building..so it will sit on my network as a work horse and media box..

Build: $Aus
Asrock mini (couldn't wait and have over paid due to transhipment costs)
Land in $Aus $220
i5 6400 $300
16g ram DDR4-2133 $132
eBay discount -$80 so total $362

[Zalman] CNPS80F Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler for Intel LGA 1155. $35

Edits: canned the fan..it's not the right one..it's running at RPM25-2600 and I can't adjust it..tried the internal fan controls and the usual fan control program..but it doesn't want to play nice so gone back to stock Intel that came with CPU.. it's running at around 1100 and you can hardly hear it..plenty of control via the asrock bios so maybe as summer comes on i will take it up a tad..temps are fine how it is..

Gone a bit over board on industrial ssds as been hanging and reading through a few forums and these are a bargain..
Also grabbed one of these..
Intel S3710 Dell R730, R720, R620, R630 Series Enterprise MLC 400GB SSD
It's pushed up the build somewhat but I can always use these SSDs somewhere else if I feel the need..

I know, it's a little over the top for a HTPC but after 6 Android boxs, sticks over time and a atom HTPC that has gone well but time to retire..this will be my best build yet..
I also built myself a setup.

Core i7 6700, 32 gb memory. I currently use the boxed cooler and I am happy with it. I kept my old Samsung 840 EVO ssds.

Nice engineering work they did here.
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
What are you running on it?
I have win 10 at the moment, but as time permits will get a dual boot ubuntu going.

Yes, As CPU prices drop coming into the new year due to new range coming, these will be great little work stations for the home office and not a bad HTPC.
I was thinking of the i7 6700 too, but settled on the i5 6400 (late night eBay shopping, kicking myself for not getting the higher clocked i5 6700)
I do note that during my reading that the "K" series might not work in these? or am I reading it wrong.. in that they will work but won't overclock?

a little comaparassion..

imagine a mod like this with a OC CPU.. :-) (New Asus gaming laptop with detachable watercooler)
You already have this build up and running? Any thoughts on the user experience?

This Asus idea is really weird. Really, really weird...
Linux of course - no idea why I would want to use Windows voluntarily ...

Edit: This is not my htpc, but my "working horse".
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
(2016-08-23, 09:44)fritsch Wrote: Linux of course - no idea why I would want to use Windows voluntarily ...

Edit: This is not my htpc, but my "working horse".

I'm considering a similar setup as yours.
What flavor of Linux are you running? I'm a long time Fedora user and would like to keep it that way...

I'm using deskmini 110 with Noctua L9i and i5 7500. Bios fan control is set to manual. I have set it so that between 40 and 60 Degrees C, PWM fan control goes from 25% to 60%. However, when the cpu temperature reaches 40 Degrees C, the fan stays at 25%. It doesn't start to speed up until 55 Degrees C. Any ideas?

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