Win TV shows not showing

I'm a Newbee user of Ember, just trying to scrape local content for my large video collection with a view to using a raspberry pi based openElec/kodi media player which may be used at times without internet access (shock horror!!)

My problem lies with the tv shows portion of Ember:

When I complete (or change) the path to the file locations of my tv series I find that not all of the 'tv shows' appear in the Ember main screen and so therefore cannot be accessed to begin scraping. I've even had shows that did appear initially now refuse to appear despite endlessly refreshing or re entering file path! The files themselves are organised in the following format:

show Title folder - Season Folder - Episode folder S0xE0x - episode file S0xE0x.

I have tried changing titles of shows, using file paths to season folders and episode folders but some shows simply will not appear in the main screen.

I realise the answer will probably be obvious to the community, but I have run out of ideas today and so thought I should bury my pride and ask

any help would be appreciated
Ember Alpha or Beta version?
Beta Version running on windows 7
Only the Alpha version supports episodes in episode folder. Maybe that's the problem.
Ah! i think you may have solved this for me

So when i read in the various searches about EMM and Kodi folder structures that - each tv show needs to be in its own folder, the 'tv show' does not mean tv show episode (which is how i have been interpreting it - forgive my stupidity, As i stated, i am new to this!). I guess it's just semantics, but for me a tv show is singular and thus meant a single episode, rather than a tv series which implied more than one episode. Doh!!

could you just confirm i'm right now, before i start stripping out episodes from folders (is there any quick (batch) way to do this?)

many thanks
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Many thanks again
Just as a footnote to this issue;

I have, today, had much more success scraping the tv shows/episodes i have, but have still had shows 'falling off' the home screen despite being organised as they should.

I have found that by deleting the files and sources location under settings, then returning to the home screen and 'clearing all cashes' and then 'clean database' then close down and restart EMM, re enter the files and sources via settings, then they all appearHuh

Ultimately it's not such a big deal for me, and this workaround will be ok for me, as once my shows/episodes are scraped then they will be plugged directly (via usb/hdd) into my raspberry pi and kodi will pick up the metadata from local sources (which i know is with the video files). So, as long as i know the show has been scraped, then i really don't need to see it in the home screen anymore. But i thought i would mention this, as it would have the potential to drive me crazy, were i continually adding episodes to existing shows.

Thanks again
I should also mention that i have uninstalled and reinstalled EMM several times trying to resolve this, but that has not made any difference

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