How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
1. Where is the option to scrape and get artwork and ADD it to what is there? I worked hard to find most of my posters as I have them for titles IMDb doesn't.
2. guess I didn't ask the question right. If in a folder is a file called poster.jpg, and one called moviename-poster, and if one doesn't have precedence over the other, then it will grab one one time, and another another time? No way of knowing and nothing in the code to give priority, so what does it know to do?
2a. What is the easy way to get fanart if the scrape process the first time didn't work?

After doing a test folder, I submitted about 2900 movies to TMM. Out of the 2900, a full 2/3 didn't find fanart. ALL of them have IMDB numbers...well, maybe 10 out of the 2900 don't, but the other 2590 movies do. Of those 2890 movies, in almost all cases it matched the movie to the right IMDb number, but did NOT find fanart. I wouldn't care about the combined poster/fanart feature if it was better at finding artwork.

That is why I did a rescrape. Whatever I did found 1/3 more fanarts as only 1/3 are missing them. That is still 1000 videos to go through to find out what is missing.

4. What do you mean "initial technical date" Is that when they invented film? I would rather have an empty field than one filled with bogus information that would be misleading.

5. ahh....hitting the negative button.... Seems editing the value to "blank" and saving would do the same thing.

6. Of those 2900 movies, 7 show no year and a couple hundred have 1901 and others have early dates I know are bogus. However ALL of them have the "i" button checked. I assume the "i" button meant a successful match with a movie identity, Seems the "info" button should not be checked, and like with release date, I would rather have no year listed if it doesn't know what the year is as it didn't match the movie.

I don't know what else to do to get a better scrape. When all of the movie names and folder names match the IMDb titles, what more can I do other than manually matching up all of them? I read in another program that I could add the IMDb ID to the NFO, but that would take hours and hours if not days.

So far I am liking TMM better than the other options. I wish I could get paid back for my tedious work of carefully choosing folder and file names by being rewarded by a program that could be counted on to match ABC with ABC. Other than some movies that there are more than one version of, the others I would expect 99.9% matches on, and for those with more than one year, the choice to pick the right one.

Thanks for everything!


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