How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
Hmmmmm.... I wrote a reply and it is goneHuh Wonder if I didn't save it after writing it...

I fed TMM about 2900 videos. quite a few had no year present so I know they didn't match and another couple hundred that showed a year of 1901 it didn't match. I fixed all of those and now I am wading through the rest. Have worked my way up to "C" so far.

1. regarding "i" for info. A blank NFO does not equal info. Info implies there is some info. If your "i" doesn't indicate a successful match, and it only means the movie has been added to the list, then why checkmark the box, or even have the box if it doesn't give meaningful data?

2. I would still like posters to have their own column but not a huge deal as I have learned to ignore that column as it has no value to me

I have found a bug....

If TMM scrapes the wrong movie and stores the poster, artwork, and genre, and then you scrape the correct movie, but the correct movie doesn't have fanart, it leaves the wrong fanart and genre buttons there. If it has been determined the movie is wrong, and another one is chosen, it ought to remove the incorrect artwork and everything else it "matched" from the incorrect scrape.

Second thing maybe isn't a bug, but affects how the program works. In previous programs I have had, you could put things either in the folder name or movie name that were informational. Second title, year, etc. I found that some of my misscrapes were in those situations. Like with other punctuation, the brackets or parens are stripped out. So instead of doing the scrape on ABC or [DEF], it is scraping ABCDEF so it doesn't match. Either name individually scraped fine. Seems to work properly, bracketed or parenthesed values should be ignored for that step.

Third thing I SD the lowest quality logo you have to display? I found a movie I had two was 320 wide (CGA), one was 640 wide, both labeled SD. 640/480i is the lowest resolution that should be labeled SD. I think rather than having a label for lower res dimension, CGA, EGA, and HVGA you might have just one symbol to indicate less than SD quality/resolution. Whether you call it Sub-SD, Low Res, or CRAP, it doesn't matter, but there should be a way to symbolize sub-SD resolutions.

One thing I like I should mention. Since I have 3000 of these to go through, one-by-one, it is nice being able to shrink the browser window down so at the bottom of the window I can see the file path, which tells me the movie rating (how I file) and then the movie name, i.e the folder. Then above that I can see the name TMM thinks it is so I can make a quick comparison between title and what I think the movie is.

I have been testing and comparing four programs plus I revisited a couple older programs I had used previously and so far I think TMM is the winner. One of the other programs I had been using and I thought was abandoned is showing some life, and that is Ember. Another top contender was Media Companion but due some restrictions from Google, he had to re-write some code. He wrote me this morning to say a new version is working better. He made me two custom versions to solve problems before discovering the Google issue which he says is now fixed.

In my ideal world, I would get all three of you in a room to combine the best of the three products as each has feature I like, and they all have problems.


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