How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
Found a good example of the glitch with runtime....I had three copies of "The Disappearance of Alice Creed", All in the Rated R folder, one with and one without the "The" in front. Two with the "the" in front, one had the year in parens at the end, 3 file folders, same movie.

The folder and movie without the "the" has the right IMDb ID, and no TMDB id. It says runtime of 136 on the details page, nothingHuh on the media info page.

The folder with the leading "the" and without the year has the same correct IMDb ID, but it also has a TMDB id. This one shows 93 min runtime on the details page and 97 min on the media info page

The third one with "the" in front and (2009) at the end has an IMDb ID, does NOT have a TMDb ID. It shows the movie runtime as 100 minutes on the details page and 97 minutes on the media page.

It turned out the movie that didn't show a runtime on the details page was corrupt, so it couldn't be determined. The key here is that for one movie, all with the correct IMDb ID all show different runtime lengths in the details, 136, 93, and 100, none of them being the correct 97 minutes my version is. I noticed IMDb says it is 93 minutes, so that is where the middle of the three got it's info from, but for whatever reason, the other two got their info from elsewhere and none of the three was for my version of the movie.

I really do appreciate all the coding and testing that has gone into TMM. Thanks!

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