How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
Did it again....wrote the message above this but didn't save it so you had written a reply while I was still writing things about my previous message, so things are out of sync.

Regarding find a name....frankly, this is where I think these programs all s**k. I have a movie called "The Babysitter". Simple...Do you know what it scraped?

"Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead"

First of all, we have the KISS rule. If the folder, the movie, and everything says babysitter, why would it check for something else and accept it?

The matching errors fall into a couple categories and I wish on the get-go I would have had some choices.

1. Only accepting exact name matches (other than The, a, l', etc.(others who are more "sloppy" with their naming should be fine as is, and they can deal with the issues as of a result)
2.. If there are two or more exact name matches, prompt me to figure it out.
3. Ignore values in brackets and parenthesis. Like "comments" in programs you write for yourself. They were a part of earlier naming standards.

Think I better save this now as I am distracted and unable to be coherent for long at a I getting ADD?

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How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it0
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