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A few new things this week:

- Users can now Add recipes at this page: (please let me know if you want more ingredients added? We are slowly building up the list)
- Added 10 new recipes
- New API page

Thanks for the shout-out from the official Kodi Twitter account for the new Add-on Smile

New meals include the Salted Caramel Desert Cheese Cake! mmmm

Image Formally chef Zag
We reached 100 recipes in no time! Thanks to anyone who added the random few recently.

- 100 recipes
- New home page latest recipe updates
- Added some new food areas
- Added 150+ new ingredients with transparent images

I've concentrated on deserts myself, specifically American and British ones!

[Image: uttuxy1511382180.jpg] [Image: rwuyqx1511383174.jpg] [Image: rqvwxt1511384809.jpg] [Image: swttys1511385853.jpg] [Image: qpqtuu1511386216.jpg] [Image: yypvst1511386427.jpg] [Image: qtuuys1511387068.jpg] [Image: usuqtp1511385394.jpg]

That's Chocolate & Avocado mouse, American Pancakes, Choc-Chip Pecan Pie, New York Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate and Raspberry brownies, Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Pumpkin Pie

I feel hungry just filling this site Wink
Image Formally chef Zag
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