My new NUC-based Kodi HTPC
(2016-07-14, 18:09)jhoffman100 Wrote:
Nice write up. This sentence I think needs amending
Quote: One important thing is that each manufacturer can have a different or it
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"One important thing is that each manufacturer can have a different name for it"

Fixed, thanks!

Nice to know it was out there all day with a typo in it. Smile
Nice, glad to see you talking about how to setup tvheadend!

and brilliant to see the tuner lid getting its first user review. I have a pctv usb tuner hanging out that has always annoyed me!
Thanks! Setting up TV in Linux can be overwhelming, and tvheadend is the "easiest" option I've found. I tried MythTV years ago...I think the few weeks I spent working on it aged me years!
My guide to setting up tvheadend is here:

I'd be interested if you have any comments or improvements to it.
That is a very thorough, well-written walk-through! Would you mind if I add it to my post as an option?

I initially tried tvheadend 4.2. It installed fine, but when I went to create my network, it didn't list any pre-defined muxes for my area. I uninstalled 4.2 and installed 4.0, which included all the pre-defined muxes for me. So 4.2 won't work for me.

I didn't bother with setting up EPG, just because I don't use it much. I'm in North America and there isn't a quick option for OTA EPG. But I'm very interested in seeing what you come up with.

Great work!
Sure go ahead, I had similar issues with 4.2, but i think it was an upgrade problem. Apparently installing it fresh should work ok.

Feel free to comment in my guide if your setup was different, I know the USA is strange with OTA broadcasts Wink

The EPG from my Satellite comes up automatically fine. Its a big improvement once you have it for scheduled recordings ect
Updated: "The progress photos in the slide deck will walk you through how I got things working. They are not intended to be an all-inclusive step-by-step manual, just the steps I followed. for a more thorough how-to, I recommend this excellent write-up created by Team Kodi Member Zag. There is also good information in the guide on the site."

What's strange here in North America (at least in my area), is my TVs pull in over-the-air guide information automatically, but setting it up through a PC is kind of a pain. Now that you mention it, I did upgrade 4.2 right away, so I might go back and try again.
Nice, i installed a nuc for the living-room using external usb tuners which is...not ideal.
You gave me some inspiration to aim for better integration :-)
Awesome! Yeah, I wasn't happy with the look of the USB tuner either. That's why I love that lid so much. I did a full review/write-up on the lid. If you're interested it's on my site. I'd rather not post a link (don't want to be accused of "blog spam") but it's right off the main page.
That's one thing I DID love about the HomeRun tuner...nothing sticking out of the back of the NUC!
Also your backend doesn't have to be in whatever retarded place the antenna connection ended up where some neanderthal installer from the last century thought you should put your TV.
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
There's that too. I'm lucky, in that my TV is right in front of the cable, whose location was arbitrarily chosen years ago by the satellite dish installer, and which I reused for my antenna.
How much did the total build cost ?

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