Kodi 16.1 - Render Method Greyed Out
Hi there,

Since I've upgraded to Kodi 16.1 watching HD content has gotten jumpy/stuttery. SD is fine. A number of sites/threads suggest updating 'Render Method', but for some reason this is greyed out and set to Auto - i can't make an update to it.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thank you
1st Suggestion: Debug Log
2nd Suggestion: Debug Log
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As stated, a debug log is always VERY helpful in pinpointing your issue.

Also, if the video was fine previously, and is jumpy now...it could be a number of factors. Something could be getting an error, your skin may support something differently...whatever.

You can also try adjusting some settings in Settings/Video/Playback
I'd start with turning off anything that isn't dire and add back on as you go. FOr instance, turning off the display refresh and sync options.

Under acceleration, have the render method Auto Detect set. I'd probably even go through and turn ALL of the options in acceleration off and try one at a time. You should be able to read what each does as you highlight it. Some are not needed or ARE needed depending on your device or video coding used. Purge it all...then add back one at a time to see if anything fixes.

You should be able to figure it out in a few minutes that way [IF that is the issue].

Just a quick suggestion since you're new here. Posting a debug log is 100% always best for troubleshooting unless it's a simple "where is this setting or what does this thing do" question.
Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same symptom/issue. Will collect a debug log & post it if you don't have a simple/quick fix, just wanted to reach out in the interim (i.e. if you figured out how to change the 'greyed' Render Method).
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