v16 Music scrapper not retrieving artist info

I added new music source to my library. There was library update progress, but no any info retrieved. To get artist info I need to right click on artist and choose Refresh.

Why the same info is not retrieved automatically?
You will either:
- need to turn on "Fetch additional information during updates" in System/Settings/Music.
- use "Query Info for All" from the context menu

...and following that better start praying to MusicBrainz that they serve your requests... Smile
You could enable the "Fetch additional content on update" option, then Kodi will attempt to fetch the extra info when a new soutrce is added. But once new sources are added it is just as easy to use "Query Info for All" from the context menu of the artists node.

The Musicbrainz server, key to our scraping of extra artist and album data, is overloaded and often timing out rather than return data, so you may need to retry several times to get all the artist info populated. This is causing problems, and means that images don't appear like magic as they once did. But it is beyond the Kodi team's control how long MB take to solve this issue, as Olympia says "pray".

However note that there is a bug in Jarvis that means that "Query Info for All" only actually does something the first time it is used since either powerup or the last "Update Library". Hence when retrying you also need to click on "update library" first even if there have been no changes to your music files. This issue has been fixed in v17.
"Fetch additional information" is enabled but still no additional info retrieved (not even attempt to do that, it looks like that option has no effect). "Query for all" seems to be working, it fetches all artists infos.

You are right about MusicBrainz, so I used TheAudioDb scrapper instead.

[edit] I actually have only "The AudioDb Artist Scraper" and "Universal Artist Scraper" available, but second one sucks. I have no MusicBrainz available. But nevermind
The Universal Artist scraper uses the Musicbrainz server and database.

AFAIK "Fetch additional information on update" does what is describes, an attempt is made to fetch extra data when a new artist is scanned. Just enabling after the library is populated will not have any noticeable effect.
I tried to enable it, then removed audio source dir, addedd it again. No info fetched, library update was very quick. Query for all did the job. Manual artist refresh works too.

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Music scrapper not retrieving artist info0
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