Noob questions on Kodi, user interface....
Hello. I am currently looking for a replacement to my WDTV set top box. The box still works great, but it is not compatible with the higher definition stiff like HEVC. I am also using py PS4 with plex, but not a big fan. What I want it for is listening to music and watching movies from my computer to my bedroom television set. My complaint with plex is, it sorts everything alphbeitical by title of the file itself. I want to be able to sort by hard drive. I have a music hard drive, a tv hard drive and a movie hard drive and most importantly, a porn hard drive. would this be possible with Kodi? I have transferred all of my dvd's to my computer and now stream everything, but going through it alphabetical instead of categories is just lame. I want to be able to be able to pull up all of my stuff by hard drive. Is this possible.
In kodi, there are menu titles for music, tv shows and movies. You tell the program where to find those things and you'd set each source to each of your drives. So yes, you'll be able to see your media in those categories from the main menu.
Bilgepump, thank you very much for that info. It was most helpful. Now I gotta figure out what rig to go with. Thank you again!
I had a WDTV and instantly disliked it. Asus Chromebox works great with Kodi..depending how you set it up. I have never had a video not play. I'm not sure it's supposed to support 1080p hevc, but the ones I have work fine. 720 is not an issue.

Kodi will do everything you listed and more. I use the Madnox skin for total customization. You can sort your content however you want. Just........any way you want. It's pretty outstanding. Checkout the Aeon Madnox thread over in the skins forum.
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