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Hey everyone. I recently discovered KOver and have fell in love with it. I have started coming up with ideas for custom views as I love to design. The problem is I have no idea where to even start when it comes to actually implementing it. Here is a concept I created in photoshop that I would like to try and create. Its simple and doesn't stray to far from the default. Hopefully this makes it easier to do.


Things that need to be done that aren't part of default KOver:

1) List view. I would like movie posters with a dark overlay on either side of a "Selected" fan art in the middle.
2) Custom selection icons. The default KOver selection arrows are fine but I would like to add custom ones like the image above.
3) Centered movie information with movie poster beside it. This is currently possible but I'm not sure if you can exactly align it as such.

Other things I would like to know are how strict is the layout? Can you add information to the data such as having it say "Furious 7 (2015)" or is it possible to integrate a watch trailer and information button? I know you can do all of this via the context menu but it would be nice to have custom buttons on the right hand side.

Thanks if anyone can even begin to help me out. Cheers.
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