Adult channel collection for XOT-UZG
Made a new thread so as not to overwhelm the XOT Framework thread with all of you pervs out there.

It's not much yet, but in the words of Dave Gorman, "Two's a collection!"

We currently have RedTube and PronShare (which has been fixed to work with v2.7.0b5) channels created for use with the XOT Framework. These channels are *not* affiliated with the XOT-UZG script, nor will they be supported by its makers. The makers of XOT-UZG are also not responsible for any content on these (or any) channels.

In other words, don't go crying to Bas if you catch your eight-year-old son watching something he oughtn't be. Or me, for that matter. If they're not looking at it on the Xbox, they're looking at it on their computer.

Anyhow, on with the show, I suppose.

Click here to get the latest version of the XOT-UZG adult videos. The "TSV" stands for "Top Shelf Videos". Don't know if I'll keep that name for the collection or not, but for now, I like it.

To use these, you must first install the latest version of XOT-UZG (or Uitzendinggemist, as it likes to be called). Once installed, extract the contents file into the "Channels" folder of your Uitzendinggemist script. That's it! Icons for both should then show up in your main XOT-UZG window.

If anybody wants to contribute an adult channel, I'd suggest posting your intentions here, so that multiple people aren't working on the same site. If you want to contribute a family-friendly channel, you should probably post in the Uitzendinggemist thread, and maybe PM basje once you're done, so he can add it to the package.

Great work rootyb! I have just checked both of them. PS works fine, but RT does not Sad (at least on my xbox) When I click on some 'clip' it just says 'Please wait' for few second, then goes straight to viewing content. It shows some image from the movie in left top corner, but that's it
I can't take credit for the RedTube script. Not sure if the person that can take credit wants to, though, so I'll just leave it at that. I'll see what I can figure out with RT.
Looks like a problem with Redtube, actually. I can't load their videos even through their page at the moment.
Is there a way to edit posts that I'm totally missing?

Anyhow, I'm working on a Channel for 3xUpload now, but it's flv. Anyone happen to know where I can find an algorithm for de-obfuscating their FLV urls?
Here is a list of some sites that scripts has previously been request for by users in this forum:

Many more can be found here:

PS! I suggest you copy the XOT script, rename it to something new (like "Top Shelf Videos" or "Adult Only!") and then release that script complete with the porn channels (and no other channels), you can even change the design and/or the background images in the script to set it apart from the original XOT script.

rootyb Wrote:Is there a way to edit posts that I'm totally missing?
No, users are not allowed to edit threads.
About the separate adult script; I talked with Bas, and we decided it'd probably be better to hold off on a full script release for now. With just a single script, he'll get more in the way of bug reports and whatnot, and beside that, there's no way I know enough python to develop a fork of the script on my own. It's definitely an option for the future, though, as needs require.

As for sites to do, the setup of the XOT framework makes it easiest to work with sites that use non-flash video (so, Divx/WMV/etc). Also, for organization, sites with categories or tags work great, too.

Pornotube was gonna be my next foray, as I found a python script that finds their FLV urls, but the content on there is pretty weak. Lots of paid content and really short, kinda worthless clips.

I'll look through the rest of those and see what'll be easiest and quickest to implement.

Is anyone familiar with Agriya flash player, or have a copy of it? If someone knows how it creates its flv filenames, we could open up a LOT of sites (it's a new-ish script package that a lot of youtube-come-latelys are using these days, including 3xupload, pacoporn, and a lot of others)
awesome work rootyb, can't wait to see more channels coming up!

congratulations on your fantastic work so far,

many thanks Smile
link please.... porn is one of the food groups
Yes, link please...I'm hungry
Everything you need to know is in the first post by rootyb (current thread)
pajretX Wrote:
Everything you need to know is in the first post by rootyb (current thread)

Thanx, bro!
Hey all. Just wanted to let you know that I've been busy job hunting (bills before scripts & smut, I'm afraid), so there haven't been any recent updates. Will get back to this once I'm not unemployed anymore. Wink

(on that note, anybody in Sacramento know of a company that needs to pay obscene amounts of money to someone that's great at everything?)
Loving this so far and looking forward to any additions for the ealier mentioned sites... if I had the know how Id jump all over this.
It's actually fairly easy. I didn't know any python or regex before I started with this. I'm not great or anything, but I know enough to cause some trouble. Wink
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