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Adult channel collection for XOT-UZG
Guys I see I will have to implement something on 3Xupload since you just can't seem to come to the site and enjoy it...damn the vids are watch, why mess up a good thing...but if you insist
OK, dare I ask... the above post seems to imply your directly affiliated and clearly have an objection. Noted and understandable under the right conditions. But then I dont see your blasting away ant the thousands of other sites that are cross linking content and show up just by using google...

But your right, I dont know anything and I do thank you (if the first statement is accurate) for sharing the content... but if this is the way your to be about it then you really should recant the statement about "free to watch" since your obviously dictating terms that is hardly considered "free" its more like conditional.
@x3upload, if you are directly affiliated with the x3upload website then why not create a dedicated python script for the site, then you can have it include ads or whatever you like under your control. and/or create an API for the site, like RSS or XML direct access to the links so that a HTTP scraper is not needed, that will save a lot of bandwidth/traffic for you.

Free as in free speach, not free beer!
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I really don't mean this to sound snide or catty (hell, they're running a site, and probably making more in a day off of sitting on their backsides than I make in a month at work), but I'd be surprised if the people (person?) at 3xuploads were capable of putting together anything like that. I doubt they could even answer my question about scraping filenames if they wanted to.

I also doubt they'd be able to "implement" anything to block XBMC on their own. I'm guessing a post on the agriya forums has gone up (or will be soon) asking for a solution.

They're using a pretty turnkey flash video site solution (Agriya player), and from some of the stuff I've seen on there, it's pretty clear they don't have much in the way of web hosting experience.

For example: does anybody want a list of the filename/url of every video on 3xuploads? Mind, I don't have descriptions or titles to go along with them, which is why I haven't put together a channel yet.
3xupload if you are indeed affiliated with the aforesaid website then why do you not post an acceptable solution. As mentioned if the website does allow free videos then there should be no problem. However if there are conditions attached which I am sure there are then why not talk to the skilled python coders out there. I am sure there is a solution beneficial to everyone. @ rootyb is what you said really necessary. If you are looking for an acceptable resolution then I believe you are going at it the wrong way. I am no skilled python coder and do not pretend to be but what I have read certain slight changes to a websites layout can stop scripts from working.
Like I said, I didn't mean for it to be offensive. Guess it came out that way. Can't edit it now.

If they don't want to make their own script, I'll still work on it, and would be happy to include ads if they wanted, if they want to help with the video filenames. *shrug*

I'm not terribly skilled either (like I said, they're obviously better at something than I am. They've got a fairly successful site running), but I think the site layout changes you're thinking of are things that break scripts temporarily, as they move something to a new location, etc. If someone comes in and re-points to the new location, the script works again.
Oh, yeh I know it is a temporary thing. But if one was to continually move things.... Well then I guess that would be akin to a near permenant break, unless there was some kind of self correcting script. I can't see there being a problem if you could include the ads, say if their was the ads in a short minclip before the video or in a self updating gui for the channel maybe. Again I am no scripter so I do not know how easy such things are to code. My only real experience, code wise, so far is with VB, though I am learning C and wish to learn the python scripts too.
Well, part of the problem with displaying ads is that their advertisers might be a little upset with the fact that people could see the ads (and they're getting charged for an ad view, if that's the billing setup), but can't click on the ad.

Also, x3, if you're actually associated with 3xupload, can I make a suggestion? Make clicked ads open in a new browser window, so the user doesn't navigate away from your site by clicking an ad. For one, it's annoying, and why would you want to send users away from your site? Keep 'em around, so you can get more ad revenue.
Well I suppose that is a problem. However the solution is better than nothing. The way I see it is that:

The percentage of people who (originally) use the site and have XBMC is going to be very small. However if the channel was available then it is free publicity amongst the XBMC community who may stumble across the thread and become interested in the site. In that sense the advertisers are going to have more or less the same amount of web viewers, however their advert, whether clickable or not, will be available to a bonus number of XBMC people who chose to run the script. Again I see that being a win win situation. I cannot see people who use the web site buying an xbox and using XBMC just for the script to use the site thereby reducing the number of web viewers which would obviously be a concern for 3xupload.

Please correct me if my logic appears flawed.
Well, I still think advertisers are gonna get mad if they're paying for views that can't be clicked on, or, if they're paying per click, then just displaying an ad on XBMC isn't helping 3xupload at all.

I think that you're right, though, about users of the site not being likely to go setup an xbox just to view the videos without ads. I actually think that scripts like this drive more traffic to the website (the actual website, that is), because they expand exposure a bit. 3xuploads is one of the first sites I'm doing, just because it's got some pretty good quality videos on it, compared to some of the others out there. Once people recognize that, I think they'll be viewing the site both on and off of their xbox.

Now, a question that I could use some feedback on:

For 3xupload, do we want videos sorted by tag (LOTS of tags available. like, 40-50ish, I think), or channel (about a dozen channels, with 20-500 videos in each).

Each has pros and cons, I suppose. With a tag-sorted list, there'll be a lot of overlap between videos.

With a channel-sorted list, though, there's going to be a lot of videos in some of the categories.

I'm leaning toward channel-sorted, personally. At least because the channels seem to have better content (or at least, the content is better-organized).
PronShare changed their category links, which broke the script. I've fixed the channel, and added the new version to the package:

Also, I made DVDPlayer the default player for PronShare, so that you can skip ahead in videos. (I'm sure I didn't do it the best way, but hey, I don't exactly know what I'm doing, here. Just poking around til things work).
Is Mplayer the default for redtube? I can't tell any difference between MPlayer and DVDplayer, but I believe the DVD player does not use the cache. Thats why with my slow internet I normally use MPlayer (which works fine on the youtube2 script). I have come to a temporary solution, copying the context menu code from PS to redtube I can now download the files. I must commend you on the layout of your code, it is fantastic for people like me who are no python experts, I have tried to tweak others to help me with my slower internet connection but their code is much harder to understand due to the layout. Anyway having looked through the code I could not figure out how to change it to Mplayer (I assume I have not already got MPlayer to work as it fails to cache at the start)

Anyway thanks for your work so far
Hmm... Wasn't aware that DVDPlayer doesn't cache. That's good to know, though.

Credit for like, 99% of the code goes to Basje, though. I've just been editing some regex and whatnot of existing channels to work on pr0n sites. I'm fairly close to getting 3xupload to work, too.

I *think* that default player for everything is Mplayer. If you play a video, then look in your uzt.log file, it should say "playing <blahblahblah> with Mplayer" (or DVDPlayer).
Well I also added the code "self.player = xbmc.Player(xbmc.PLAYER_CORE_MPLAYER)" which I think makes Mplayer the default (at least thats what it does in the Youtube2 script) to both of the channels. The dvd player I am not 100% sure on, I read it in a tv links thread, but I find streaming files is much better with MPlayer, on my system, than with the DVDplayer. Anyway enabling the context menu on RedTube allows me to download the files so it isn't that much of an issue.
Well, I set DVDPlayer as the default by adding this to the end of the PS channel:

def PlayVideoItem(self, item, player="dvdplayer"):
        Accepts an item with or without MediaUrl and playback the item. If no
        MediaUrl is present, one will be retrieved.
        """"Starting Video Playback using the %s", player)
  'opening '+ item.mediaurl)
            if player=="dvdplayer":
      "Playing using DVDPlayer")
            dialog = xbmcgui.Dialog()
            dialog.ok(config.appName,"Kan dit programma niet afspelen.")
            logFile.critical("Could not playback the url", exc_info=True)

If you want it back to Mplayer, just remove that part from the end. You could also change "DVDPlayer" to "Mplayer".

Adult channel collection for XOT-UZG00