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[RELEASE] Audio and Video Podcast Plugin
Thanks again Unbehagen for yet another great piece of scripting!

Would it be possible to have a template OPML file into which we simply drop the RSS feed address? and add the name of the podcast? (I notice OPML is going to need us to write a short document with various sections so a cut and paste in the address style template might make things a little simpler?)

Also would it be possible to write a script which scrapes podcast directory websites to find the rss feeds themselves and creates an OPML file for the plugin?
Unbehagen Wrote:Hey,
here is the new version of my plugin:
It now has the ability to parse OPML files with all your favourite podcasts in it. Just put the files in the feeds/ directory.
I already included some huge opml files for you to test this.
Have fun!

Where can people go for the latest version of podcast plugin for xbox? Are there any other plugins that also do podcasts?

Thank you for a great plugin!

Valent from Croatia
In case anyone else was in the situation I was in earlier I have a top tip. Download Opera.

Visit the rss feed page.

When opera asks you if you want to add it to your feeds say 'yes'

Then goto File > Import and export -> and select 'Export Newsfeedlist'

These simply get drag and dropped into the 'feed' folder of Unb's 'Podcast2' plugin.

Easy when you know how.

Thanks Unb for an awesome app Wink
I was wondering if it would be possible to have icons linked to the opml files? So for instance I have an OPML file with all the G4TV feeds in it and I would like to display the G4TV icon in my filelist. Would it be possible to add this to the plugin? Maybe by dropping jpg or tbn files in the feeds folder and naming it exactly like the opml files?
I hope that's clear
Great plugin Nod

Thanks for the work! I couldn't find a /feeds directory anywhere on my Xbox. So I put it in my /E/Apps/XBMC/scripts directory. It shows up in my XBMC gui. When I select it, it says (running), b it there's no further interaction.

May I ask if there is a manual for this, or if I am using this incorrectly.


Thomas Tolleson
it can't run in new XBMC

[RELEASE] Audio and Video Podcast Plugin00