Android [SOLVED] SMB issues with TSReader streaming
I have been running Kodi with the Mediaportal PVR plugin for several months. The Mediaportal server and Kodi are all running on the same Windows 7 PC. I am now attempting to run Kodi on my Android TV and use the same Windows 7 Mediaportal server. I can get the Kodi Mediaportal PVR addon to connect ok - it picks up the TV guide and shows me all the recorded shows I have on the server. However playing live TV or playing a recorded show fails if I use the TSReader method. I can get it to work if I use FFMpeg method but the quality of this is unusable (slow and pixelated)

The problem appears to be SMB related and is specific to my Android Kodi client(s). I can run Kodi on another Windows 10 PC and connect to my Windows 7 Mediaportal server and play everything with TSReader perfectly. I have the identical errors if I install and configure Kodi on an Android tablet.

I think my problem is SMB related because when I attempt to browse SMB shares from within Kodi file manager on Android I get an error - Error 2: share not available. However if I create a network connection to the IP address of my mediaportal PC and include port 445 on the address I am then able to view all the SMB shares on the PC ie I also specify the username and password on this connection both being 'tv'. If I specify user or password incorrectly I am unable to browse the shares. So I have proven that I can browse SMB shares from Android devices but only if I specify the IP address of host with port 445 and with correct username and password. Browsing from the Windows 10 PC works fine without having to specify port 445.

My Windows 7 PC is called TV-PV. Its IP address is I have set up SMB shares on this PC for the timeshift buffer and for recorded shows on this PC. Share for recorded show is \\TV-PC\Temp (the actual folder is c:\temp)

My Android TV has the Mediaportal PVR addon configured with Mediapportal Hostname defined as and I have specified the windows username and password as 'tv'. I have the Streaming method set to TSReader.

I can see the EPG and list of recorded shows ok. When I try to view live TV Kodi 'waits' for several seconds but does not show the stream and does not give any error in the user interface. If I look in the log I see the following error:

ERROR: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Failed to open file 'C:\Temp\live8-0.ts.tsbuffer' as 'smb://tv:[email protected]/Temp/live8-0.ts.tsbuffer'

I did not tell Mediaportal PVR plugin that my server was called TV-PC so it has obviously worked this out from the IP address I gave it in the config.

The PVR addon seems to be using the hostname TV-PC (not the IP address I specified in the plugin config) and it is not specifying port 445 on the share. I am thinking it would work if it used IP address and port as I know I can browse SMB shares this way as described above.

I am using Kodi Krypton but the same error happens with Jarvis. The Mediaportal PVR plugin is v2.4.3.

I have tried changing the Mediaportal Hostname to This wont allow the PVR plugin to load at all

I have tried changing the Mediaportal Hostname to TV-PC. This wont allow the PVT plugin to load at all.

Does anyone have any clues on how to get this working? Is there any way I can force Mediaportal PVR to use the ip address and port 445 when attempting to read the SMB shares?
A log is posted here

The log includes starting kodi then attemting to play a live tv channel then exiting kodi
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Here is pastebin link to same log contents
I have managed to solve the problem myself. In the Service Settings within Kodi there is an SMB Client option. Under this I set the IP address for the WINS Server to be the IP Address of the router that is also acting as the DHCP server on my network ( in my case). After doing this I am now able to browse windows SMB in the Kodi Network dialogue and the Mediaportal PVR plugin is connecting to my Windows 7 server perfectly. I can now view live TV and play back recordings Smile

I hope this helps others. In trying to solve this I searched a lot and found many people with same/similar problems accessing SMB shares from an Android box running Kodi but the WINS Server setting was not mentioned anywhere as a solution.
I hate to complain since the software is free, but we really shouldn't have to do this. This isn't necessary in other android apps and older version of Kodi. I still have XBMC installed on the same android box as the latest Kodi and this problem only exist with the latest Kodi. It's obvious something was broken during development of the latest Kodi versions.

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