v17 [WIP] Android Shield TV
Looks good!
This is awesome!! I recently modded my Fire Stick to look/function more like a pure android tv stick. I disabled the stock Fire launcher and I`m running the latest Leanback launcher so this would fit right in with what I want. Big Grin
Looks good.
Some news here?
First public version released... link in the top post
Really cool News!!!

One Question...
Why you don't develop on GitHub?
Maybe we can help you Wink
The first thing I can see is, that at the moment the landscape pattern don't have round edges and a little shadow like the original Leanback-Look from Google
For Krypton - Missing
ERROR: unable to load:C:\Users\Mario\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.AndroidTV\1080i\DialogPlayerProcessInfo.xml

Also - PlayerControls comes up but it just a blank panel
(control + n via keyboard) when not in full screen music or video playback

will post as I find others

cool stuff so far for a WIP
(2016-08-23, 14:58)zenmaster Wrote: First public version released... link in the top post

Wow, thanks for the release. Tried it and have to say that it is looking really great!!! Settings say that it is relying on the skin.shortcuts-addon. But my main menu currently is a mess. Maybe that got lost by upgrading from Jarvis to Krypton. However, I will fix this when I find time at the weekend.

Some feedback from my short playing around with the skin:
1. Popup-Bar could be looking nicer (maybe not centered on the top). Also it could have a fancier animation. Maybe Pellucid skin is a good example for that.
2. The multifunctional menu bar on the video screen is great. However, the symbols are too small. Also its look is not in line with the Leanback design.
3. Same applies for the EPG: It does not seem to match the Leanback design. Somehow it looks to small. Maybe you should make usage of the whole screen becaus EPG is a lot of information to display.
4. There are some dialogue windows that do not show the headline/question for the input (e.g. emby requesting my username and password at first start, but the screen did not show wether it was requesting "username" or "password" - just the pure input dialogue; so I had to guess the requested input).

Besides that I have to say that it already is a great piece of work. Again, thank you very much for putting your efforts into creating such a nice skin and sharing it with us. Seems my Shield TV box will finally have a consistent look even when switching between Kodi and the Leanback launcher.
(2016-08-23, 14:58)zenmaster Wrote: First public version released... link in the top post

@zenmaster, Great work!! Big Grin I've been using this as my default skin on my Fire stick Kodi install since you made it available. Its pretty stable for a WIP skin, nothing much to complain about, lol. It would be nice to see the ability to add non-Kodi apps (PLEX, Pandora, ES File Mgr, etc..) to the Home tile section. Thanks, Dave
Looking very promising. Might become my new prefered skin when it's refined a bit more.
@zenmaster, Is it possible to disable media flags (watched, unwatched) within the corresponding .xml file? I`m still using this skin as my default although I`ve moved from the Fire Stick to a Dell Chromebox running standalone LibreElec 7.9.
Is it possible to get this and the rating?
watch gallery
Looks nice. Will try it out when Krypton get released.
Really love this skin!
However, could it be possible to add the option to disable wrapping in views?
E.G. if a series has only one season, it gets repeated all over the screen, which is messy...

Keep up the good work!

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