v18 nightly: problem in slideshow. playback of videos not working right

i have discovered when the slideshow is enabled the videos are not playback i a right way. It shows only a snapshot/still image of the video but the audio is playbacked. when i press the stop button on my remote the video is working then from that time but the slideshow is stopped after the video.

when i press the okay button on a video it will playback the video as it should, but without the slideshow functionallity. when i press the playback button the video is also started but as descripted above with a snapshot/still image out of the video.

is that already known or do i have to configure something. i know that is has worked in the past.
The slide show is stopped after video even without pressing stop button during non working videoplayback.
I noticed the same two problems. If there's a video in a folder with pictures, in a slideshow the video is being played, and after the video ends, the slideshow stops. In Jarvis, the rest of the pictures would follow after the video.

Also, but perhaps that's unrelated, I also noticed that videos don't always play right in the picture slideshow mode. That is, audio is OK, but only a single frame of the video is being shown (i.e. the picture stands still). If I restart the video from the folder, it's OK. This happens with most, but not all videos in a pictures folder.

So that's one or two new bugs in the slideshow functionality. I'm running Kodi nightly (Krypton) from a few days ago, Windows 10. In Jarvis all was OK.

I'll go make a log file tonight or tomorrow.
The still image during videoplayback is possibly the thumbnail.
Here is a debug log file: http://pastebin.com/Z3pGFd9h

I made this on my desktop pc, but the behaviour is the same on my HTPC.

Gentlemen developers, do you need more info?
I've made a bugreport in the bug tracker: http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/16901
thank you!
I have the same problem with the slideshow. Pictures and videos are in one folder. Pictures are playing fine, but video crashes back to the Pictures-folder.

Video is playing fine outside of a slideshow.

They've fixed this in the latest Krypton nightlies!
The issue is back since krypton Beta 6 or so and still in latest kodi 18 from git.
I always use my pictures and videos different HDDs!! such as my pictures lonely and no issue as well
if videos&pictures same HDD/USBflash=just one is work!

so in this respect when I start such as pictures then select "Picture" section and it works all my pictures
or for videos then switch to "Video" section and it works

but this way not proper/usefull for me;so I'v splitted my video and pictures and use 2 HDD/USBflash
This issue is fixed in the latest.
I installed latest nightly build (17.4 - KodiSetup-20170820-68d5048-Krypton-x86) but issue is still in there.

Are you referring to another build I could test ?
sorry wrong post...
I got the same problem.
The video freezes with slideshow in Estuary skin, however with Chroma skin it works ok.

The problem must be in slideshow player of estuary skin.

I don't want change my skin, it will be possible to fix it?

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nightly: problem in slideshow. playback of videos not working right0
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