Merge entries (multiple files)

I have a directory containing multiple files from the same film, but TMM detects them as three different films.

MOVIE Part 1.mkv
MOVIE Part 2.mkv
MOVIE Part 3.mkv

I can't figure a way to merge all three entries into one.
I could delete entries 2 and 3, but then I can't find a way to manually add the 2 other files to the first entry. As a result, every time I update the library, it causes problems.
I could rename to files to something like movie.cd1.mkv, movie.cd2.mkv, movie.cd3.mkv, and it would probably work (would it ?), but I'd like to avoid this solution.

Any help ?
Which version do you have?
Can you send us the logs?
It works here...
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Here are some relevent logs. I suspect the filename didn't compute well. I wish I could ask the program to only scrape the folder name for infos, not the filenames.

Quote:2016-08-09 15:38:49,169 DEBUG [tmmpool-update-thread-2] o.t.c.m.tasks.MovieUpdateDatasourceTask2:652 - | Create new movie from file: MediaFile[type=VIDEO,path=F:\[FILMS 2]\[FRANCE]\Carlos (2010),filename=Carlos - Part 3 (2010).480p.criterion.mkv,filesize=0,filedate=0,videoCodec=,containerFormat=,exactVideoFormat=,video3DFormat=,videoWidth=0,videoHeight=0,overallBitRate=0,durationInSecs=0,stacking=0,stackingMarker=,audioStreams=[],subtitles=[],mediaInfo=<null>,miSnapshot=<null>,file=F:\[FILMS 2]\[FRANCE]\Carlos (2010)\Carlos - Part 3 (2010).480p.criterion.mkv,isISO=false,pro[email protected]1b648a2]
Ah ok, i see.
Problem here is, that the "stacking marker" like Part X is defined to be the LAST thing in filename...
Have to ckeck, if we could tweak that a bit...

We always use the folder name for title.
But since the movie is not detected as stacking, we see 3 "different" movies in a single dir, and in this case, we have to take the filename...
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I see, thank you !

Currently, there is no way to manually merge or to include some media files into an entry (through the media files tab) ?
The only solution, for now, to avoid problems, is to rename my files ? It's not too big a deal, I can live with that Tongue
Or you could merge them with ffmpeg.
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(2016-08-09, 11:57)redglory Wrote: Or you could merge them with ffmpeg.

Nope. I don't like renaming my files, so you figure I even less like to alter files.
I hate part files Smile

sent from my Nexus4
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Remove the blank in "Part 1".

Here's the link to Kodis rules (see chapter 4.1). This works for me:

Naming video files
for TMM, the blanks do not matter - we can detect 'em and rename them correctly for Kodi Wink

My problem currently is, that the stacking marker is not at the end of the filename - it is inbetween (as seen in logs, not example)
Have already some working implementation, but this needs thorough testing...
(imagine "Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 CD1 (2011).mkv)

will report back, if i'm satisfied, and have a build ready for testing...
stay tuned ^^
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This is how I control merging or separating movie files.

If I want to make each part a separate movie item:

Carlos Part 1 (2010).mp4
Carlos Part 2 (2010).mp4
Carlos Part 3 (2010).mp4

If I want to merge files under one movie item:

Carlos (2010) Part 1.mp4
Carlos (2010) Part 2.mp4
Carlos (2010) Part 3.mp4

The example above "Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 CD1 (2011).mkv" should be the same.

To separate:
"Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 CD1 (2011).mkv
"Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 CD2 (2011).mkv

To merge:
"Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 (2011) CD1.mkv
"Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 (2011) CD2.mkv
Is there a reason for NOT joining them together?
Because if i change this now, all variants might be detected as multipart movie correctly.

Since TMM is a tool for organizing/normalization, WE need to parse this accordingly, to correctly write/rename this for Kodi...

Roman letters like "Part II" are NOT detected as stacking either
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Actually I don't join them at all because I'm using export function extensively.
If I have multiple video files for a movie, it then populates multiple resolutions, bit rates etc., for a single movie, breaking column alignment.
I'd appreciate if you just leave it as is since it's working fine and flexibly as I posted above.
i am running into the same issue as OP, and i thought a good workaround would be to leave the rename FILE blank, and just rename the folder (in turn renaming source folder, and leaving the files alone) but instead i end up with only the files from the selected "title" moved to a new movie folder and the old folder left alone (please see my attachments for a little more detail). is there a better workflow for what i am trying to do ?

* is there a way to treat the "folder name" as the movie and the files inside it the contents of a single movie ?
* is there a better workflow for what im asking ?
* i understand phila1/phila2 is not a good naming scheme and probably wont ever be supported, but is there any plans for mid file stacking ?

thank you.

imgur album explaining what im see'ing.

was this ever fixed as I am having same issue with 3.0.5

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