How to Install Argus TV on Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Box - PLEASE

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Ok - well know I am totally bald!! I have ripped every last hair from my body so nothing else to tear out - so guys I need your help please.

I have a laptop - Windows 7
I have the Amazon Fire TV Box - latest edition
I have managed to load Kodi onto AMFTV - phew!

I have Argus TV loaded onto my laptop - but no channels showing - presumably it needs to link the AMFTV box - but how??

I am now stuck - how do I load Argus TV onto the Fire TV Box?

I can find the add-on in PVR Clients but I am obviously configuring incorrectly as I just cannot get it to work.

I am not a geek - I need my hand-holding all the way here please.


Can someone please talk me through ANY set up to enable watching and recording/schedule recording tv on the AMFTV Box.

I now sit here in great anticipation of some replies - checking out wigs on EBay.

By the way I am in UK
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ArgusTV is only for dvb-t or dvb-s and only runs in windows.
If you have a tv card in your laptop you can configure it, and send the signal to any device with kodi installed.
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Yeah you need to set up argus tv on the laptop to get tv via the laptop's tuner.

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