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Hi everyone,

Would anyone be kind enough to make an addon for Dailymotion.com
I know one already exists but the developer no longer maintains it and It is outdated. it doesn't work properly as it's quite old. The main reason is that the dailymotion website has changed alot since then so a new addon would be great.

---- So basically a dailymotion addon which provides functionality to login, view channels, able to play videos in HD and view your favourites and watch-later playlists would be great.

Let me know,
Kindest regards Smile
Would be great to see a dailymotion plugin... Smile any takers?
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good intiative

be my guest if anyone want forked my repo :

i have personaly no time to maintain it activly
Hello Community is there a working dailymotion addon
I have Version 2.2 but it isnt working anymore
New Version 2.2.2 Is Online in my Repo


Changed Maintainer to me, Hopefully i can keep it running also in the Feature,like many others from addonscripor
Thank you very much. You save me... my daugher loves a cartoon series on DailyMotion.

Thanks alot lore

Danke dir Big Grin

just wanted to say thank you very much for the trouble and your work. Use it on a daily basis.
Thanks a lot for taking this on! One bug I seem to be having is even with the family filter settings off I keep getting an explicit content warning on some videos. I have the family_filter_off file in place and even tried hard coding familyFilter to 0 in default.py and still get the same error.

EDIT: I think I found the issue in my case. On line 298 I changed family_filter= in the cookie value to ff= and it appears to be working
Have to look into it. hopefully tommorow. Family_filter is correct ( in the doku oft the API). Changing it to ff i think is like deleting it so the default value get used.
Just posted it im in it Smile. I geht today a visitor. So i dont manage to correct it today
Hmm not shure How to make it Better. To Set the Filter Of you have to put a file family_filter_off in the userdata\addon_data\plugin.video.dailymotion_com Dictorys to disbale it
I Think it was done so Children Cant disable it it when Parents alow them to use the Addon. So im not shure if there is an Better Solution

I am using version 2.2 but somehow video stops and stucks at buffer.

I have the exact same issue, using the latest 2.2 release. This never happened on the older version, however, the older version does not work at all now.....

any ideas on how to resolve this, as daily motion worked flawlessly and continues to do so using the standard IOS apps, but i use it extensively within kodi or i did until recently.

FYI: Im talking about the buffering / stop stop / start playback of any video.
The newest Version is 2.2.2


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