Release Black Glass Nova 6.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton
Black Glass Nova 6.x - Krypton

Here is the home page of the skin on GitHub:

If you like this skin and you want to help a little bit, you can donate here:

great news !!
thank you Wink
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Windows 10 PRO - Kodi Krypton 17 - IconMix
Hi TGX - thanks for your continued efforts!

I just installed the 17 beta one (HATE the Estuary skin!!!!!) & loaded (my favourite!!) BGN from the link above (I noticed that it is not yet linked directly from the Kodi repo)

I have some shortcut links in the 'Favourites' sub-menu - these are not working; they were still there from when I had v16.1 and still appeared in the home menu, but they don't respond to clicking on them;
I tried re-addressing in the BGN skin settings (customize main menu -> Favourites -> customize sub-menu) and they just won't launch

Can you take a look at that please?
It seems like the custom menu items are not really working at all;
today I tried just simply adding a new MAIN menu item, with a shortcut directly to launch an add-on; the menu even automatically populated the icon with the logo art for the particular add-on; but when I try to select, clicking on it does nothing. (which is same as the sub-menu items I referred in previous post) - nothing at all launches.

Edit - I did some more testing and it will successfully add/execute a custom link for either main menu or sub-menu if you the item is selected from under ' Addons -> PROGRAMS' - but nothing from any any of the video add-ons (neither launching a main add-on or any of that add-on's own sub-menus)
With some most appreciated and as-always excellent assistance from TGX, my custom menu is now functioning as it was.
For anyone who finds similar, upgrade to the latest script-skinshortcuts -
(download file & install under addons ->install from zipfile)


No, thank YOU! Big Grin
Is it going to be available directly in the Kodi Repo at some point?
Of course! But i'm not done yet.

I made a logo if you are interested, was just playing with some GIMP effects and tutorials Wink

Check this thread for more details on the feature that may be coming

292321 (thread)

Hi Tgx,

I currently use Black Glass Nova on Kodi 16.1 (and have since Kodi 13). It's a great skin and I really appreciate your efforts. I hope to continue using it on Krypton.

I've been playing around with the Krypton Beta in a VM, and it's new default skin (Estuary) has a few glaring deficiencies. BGN in 16.1 doesn't have these problems and I just want to make sure the functionality doesn't get lost once you release BGN for Kodi 17.

From the main menu, the new Estuary doesn't make it easy to display TV shows I'm currently watching, which is a bizarre oversight. BGN doesn't have this issue, please don't lose that functionality for Kodi 17!

Also in BGN on Kodi 16.1, I have added a few Smart Playlists to the main menu. This means that from the main menu, I can go into a movie list containing only my horror movies, and my girlfriend can go into a movie list containing only her dramas. I have a third movie list containing scifi for both of us. The new Estuary does not allow me to add Smart Playlists to the main menu - please retain that functionality in BGN!

Lastly, when I download your BGN for Kodi 17 from Github, it won't install from a zip file in the most recent Beta 5. I've enabled "unknown sources", but it says it can't install a dependency. Is that a glitch with the most recent beta, or am I doing something wrong?

Keep up the good work, I love your skins!
I want you to make sure no feature is going to be lost in Black Glass Nova for Krypton.
To install the latest build from Github you need to firstly install the needed dependencies you can get from:

Look for the 'requires' section and ignore the 'xbmc.gui' item.

Thanks Tgx
(2016-11-27, 16:25)Tgxcorporation Wrote: Look for the 'requires' section and ignore the 'xbmc.gui' item.
Hmm. I must be doing something wrong. I found the Nebula UI sounds addon, but it also fails to install.

I've now tried installing several addons, from Australian English to OpenSubtitles, and they all fail to install. I'm guessing I've either done something dumb, or there's an issue with my VM install. I'll continue tinkering until I get it working.

I'll let you know if I find any regressions in the latest BGN version once I've got it running. Thanks for your advice!
I really like BGN is there a way to ad more then 5 widgets per home button so like 10. Also can widgets support icon images. Also is there a way to have more home buttons
Although the thread title declares it 'RELEASE' - it doesn't yet appear in the Kodi repository for the v17 versions, now in Release Candidate phase and presumably not far from full release.
I know I asked before but that was almost 6 months ago.
From my perspective, it has been running extremely well - I LOVE this skin! (thank you again!)
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