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Release Black Glass Nova 6.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton
(2018-06-26, 00:13)chrissix Wrote: The Video OSD on video playback for e.g on fast forward or fast backward isn't showing anymore.
Now i'm navigating fast forward or backward blind and that's very sad.

When i push on the keyboard "M" it is showing during the video is playing. But on the next Video the same problem.
I have not always a keyboard by my side and on every video pushing "M" to see the OSD is also very sad.

Some time ago all worked very well. Don't know what happened.
Is the M key working with other skins?
If not it could be your keymap.xml file.

Yes, it is working with other skins!
I found out with the Keyboard and Yatse there are no problems.
Am mainly use Xbox360 controller and there the problem exist.

Have already replaced and back replaced all .xml files of your old and newer versions.

I'm afraid to fresh reinstall skin (and kodi) cause i spent too much months of setup of your nice skin and not sure that solves the problem.

Am working on Win 10 Pro, Kodi 17.6, using mainly Black Glass Nova 6.0.1, also tried 6.5.0, but problem still exist.

The funny thing is that it worked some time ago all fine, and in kodi i have set auto update off, so that no changes are made without my knowledge.
I do not know. I'm testing version 6.5.0 on Libreelec and pressing M works fine. Maybe some mods/addons or missing files in skin folder?
Check if the file "VideoOSD.xml" is missing from the skin 1080i skin folder.

I use Black Glass Nova for my Star Trek Kodi for many years - really nice!
But since the newest versions on startup there is a overlay with skin version info.
Is there a option or possibility to deactivate or hide that overlay. I want the behavior like the old versions back.

Great Thanks Smile

greetings Chris

Provisionally solution is now to use an older version & disable automatic updates. Luckily I have diligently created backups of the older versions.
Nevertheless, I am pleased to use the latest version again.
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Black Glass Nova 6.x for Kodi 17.x Krypton51