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Different thumbnails for different views (banners vs. posters), support using both?
I had a look at the online manual - hadn't had a chance this year until now and found out about the fantastic "wide icons".

These are going to look great - I've changed the skin slightly to increase list width and font size because I'm installing an xbox into my car and the screens are only 5-7" which makes it hard to read.

Having played a little tonight - and without seeming rude (maybe this should have been a feature suggestion) - what about having a different thumb file for the wide icons?

We could use xxx.tbn and xxx.wide.tbn, for example. At the moment, loading thumbs from, say, a media server means that the decision for the thumb style must be made server-side since the wide thumbs don't scale well for list views.

One other thing - would it be possible to left-justify the wide icons instead of centering them? At the moment, folders with a mix of wide and standard thumbs don't look quite right.

Thanks for adding this feature though. Absolutely first class job.

Yes, you can left justify items via the skin with the align attribute of the <texture> tag.

Whether or not a separate wide icon is taken into account depends on whether developers (probably me) have time for it.
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A seperate wide icon file would be a great feature Smile
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Now that we have so many great views for our videos (list, list2, icon, big icon, wide, etc) wouldn't it be nice to have XBMC keep multiple thumbnails for each view? At the very least, it would be great to have both wide & normal thumbs maintained.
Can't see how it would work TBH. The thumbnails are usually as folder.jpg so how would you differentiate between the different views?
Its my understanding that the thumbnails are read from the folder.jpg files but that is only one of a couple of source. The various library scrapers also provide thumbnails. The images actually displayed are stored under USERDATA/THUMBNAILS.
Possible solution:


If folder-[viewname].jpg isn't available, it reverts back to folder.jpg. Dunno if there is a predefined list of view types, but I'm sure someone could come up with a comprehensive list.

Patch welcome, or not interested? Smile
I'm not sure we need a thumb per view but a different thumb per thumb type:

folder.jpg - default image
folder_w.jpg - wide image
folder_3d.jpg - 3d image

Then the skin itself can make a decision on which type(s) of image to use (in some views you may want to use more than one type of image). Also in terms of someone making this change there are far less thumb types than there are view types so it would be easier to code and maintain.
suggestion... make sure the fall-back is set in case the skin wants to use one that does not exist.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Affini Wrote:suggestion... make sure the fall-back is set in case the skin wants to use one that does not exist.

I would imagine that if no image has been setup for a specific thumb type then I guess it could default to the default image (ie folder.jpg) but it would be good if this was configurable (some skins may want to use a wide icon and use their own default icon if no wide icon has been setup)
I believe it checks the cache first (USERDATA/THUMBNAILS), then it will check for the folder.jpg

I agree, it would be awesome to have different icon views!

I notice that in my DVD view the top of the screen where it used to the wide icon is now just a small DVD icon. The ability to set both would be great!
this looks like it was getting some traction (or at least some interest).

Did it fall off of the table?
Unless a developer (or someone able to make a patch) is interested, it's not gonna happen.
I'd second this feature. At least for the wide scrapers there should be a look-up like for folder.jpg

I am using the scrapers for the tv-series wide view and when setting up the XMBC from scratch (which happens from time to time) it takes quite some time browsing for all my scraper.jpgs manually. So yes, that feature would be nice and I think very welcome...
I know the devs were pretty resistant to the idea of this at first, but I could have sworn that they eventualy caved in and said it would EVENTUALLY be implemented....However, that could be ages before it actually happens. Somebody should look into implementing this themselves and submitting a patch, as I´m certain it would be a VERY welcome addition. In my opinion, we don´t want a different image for each viewtype, instead perhaps a choice of default.jpg and default-wide.jpg, and maybe even default-tall.jpg. That way, you could differentiate between the square shaped ones, the tall, dvd case shaped ones, and the wide ones.

Different thumbnails for different views (banners vs. posters), support using both?52