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I never took the time to learn git aside from what is necessary to get things put up there.
by rename git builds; you mean put them in different branches?
No just differentiate with version numbers, that way I don't download the same file.
Where are the instructions for setting up oauth? I get a en error about SSL when trying to use the program.
oauth instructions here.
This allows you to view private subreddits your reddit account has access to.
Thank you.
updated a new version today. 0.5.2
you can set image albums to be played as a slideshow
slideshow used to play a single image per post. it can now be set to include the images in an album.
How about some slideshow control?

Nice work, keep it up.
you mean like change the scrolling direction or speed?
Pausing to admire the specific image, perhaps zooming on important inspections. But to be fair, it's a pretty nice feature already.
I've never thought about pausing the slideshow. I'll see if it is possible.
I think it won't work because the slideshow is is done in one animation.

I'll add a different slideshow where it is possible for the user to interact.

staring at the current one for a long time makes my brain think all images still slide to the left after the slideshow ends.
Ran into an issue with videos not playing, thought something went corrupt so I took to an entire back-up with the same result. Anything calling Youtube takes forever. http://pastebin.com/Q2aXWpSU This log is up, straight to Reddit Reader, videos and attempt to play a few, then shutdown.
Thanks for taking the time to send the debug log.

I could not replicate the issue on my end but I strongly suspect it is from the youtube_dl addon I'm using to play videos.
go to settings -> sites and disable the "Use youtube_dl addon for youtube videos" option.

this will make the addon use the youtube addon for youtube videos. (this is faster but can't play age restricted content)
new version is up.

I can't get the pause or zoom working without significant change.

I added a fade slideshow and one that will scroll tall images vertically. (depends if image has height and width info)

select a slideshow style in the addon settings
you can also set if you want the image title/description displayed at the bottom
Hi gedisony I'm using mimic skin on kodi 17-git and the reddit reader interface look bad on it.
- top bar text is misaligned ( even if now it's better than in previous version)
- image preview and post title are overlapping
- the font for the post title is too small it's unreadable on my tv from my couch.
- the main page has a black background and the comment page the background is blue I think it should be the same color for consistency.

Hi mac1202,

I've uploaded a new version with the interface adjustment.
Go to settings - General - Main GUI skin
and change main_list01.xml to main_list03.xml


The overlap of the post titles were done on purpose. I want to make the preview image as large as possible and also handle tall and wide images.
The black background is to hide the fade portion where the image and post overlap.

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