[RELEASE] Reddit Reader
Thanks for a great addon, I use it every day Smile
Only thing that not working for me are videolinks marked with v.redd.it (only get sound)
Any idea what could be wrong?
Thanks for letting me know.
Not all v.redd.it links play only sound but it is often enough that I just avoid them.
I'll look into it this weekend.
I suspect that the link resolved to 2 streams; one for sound and the other for video.
If that is the case, I'll see if i can just have the video to play.
I don't think it is possible to have kodi to play 2 streams at the same time.
Thanks for taking the time, hopefully you will find a solution!
Tried the new version on github. All v.redd.it videos work now Smile
I put up another new version;
in v1.0.6 - v.redd.it video links will play, no audio
v.1.0.7 - v.redd.it videos play with sound if available (will fail to play if inputstream.adaptive is not available)

you need to Enable inputstream.adaptive
Add-ons > My add-ons > VideoPlayer Inputstream > InputStream Adaptive > context menu - Information > Enable

note: I had to install the add-on in LibreElec, It was already installed on Windows.

How can I increase the text font size in comments? In what file and line of code? Thanks.
I love the Reddit Reader addon, but I have not been able to play ANY streams using it, I am on KODI 17.6 using version 0.9.9.
Every link delivers this error :
Parsing error: Invalid literal for int with Base 10  Mode=listlinksincomment  (along with more data)

Gedisony …  PLEASE help me get this addon working need it for football season!!
hi a8960,

the location on my windows machine is:

filename is:

inside, will have a bunch of                    
                    <control type="textbox" id="1000"><height>auto</height><font>font14</font></control>
                    <control type="textbox" id="1001"><height>auto</height><font>font14</font><textcolor>99FFFFFF</textcolor></control>
                    <control type="textbox" id="1002"><height>auto</height><font>font14</font></control>
                    <control type="textbox" id="1003"><height>auto</height><font>font14</font><textcolor>99FFFFFF</textcolor></control>
                    <control type="textbox" id="1004"><height>auto</height><font>font14</font></control>
                    <control type="textbox" id="1005"><height>auto</height><font>font14</font><textcolor>99FFFFFF</textcolor></control>
change all "font14" to font16 or anything bigger (not sure, iirc it is dependent on the skin what font is available)

Streams from any of the sports streams subreddits won't work.
Hey gedisony!
Saw you updated the api for gfycat some days ago. Everything works, tested on OSX and Linux Mint.
Final version of Kodi 18; Leia, is around the corner, v.RC2 is out and I just tested it. Installed newest version of Reddit Reader, only one thing doesn't work in Leia; and it's a little thing in the skins.
It's when you go to comments and on the right side where individual comments are displayed. You can't scroll anymore if the comments exceed the height of the window.

In the default skin. Tested other skins, same problem.
Good catch. Thanks for the heads up!

Looks like the trick I did for krypton no longer works in Leia.
I modified the xml to force that listbox to always be scrollable even if it isn't needed.

I upped a new version that fixes the comments scroll issue.
Thanks man! Use your addon everyday, I'm a graphic designer and kudos for the visuals! Nicely designed…
v.redd.it videos not playing in Leia RC2 using newest version of Reddit Reader. Tested on OSX and Linux.
Update: Scrap that, just needed a restart, v.redd.it works now Smile
@gedisony this plugin is not working in Kodi Matrix - it needs an update to support python3. Are you still actively maintaining the addon?

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