[RELEASE] Reddit Reader
Reddit is a very popular website where users post things they find interesting. The posts can be images, text, video or audio. They are organized into topics called subreddit.
Subreddits can be very broad, very specific or does not make sense.

The Reddit Reader addon can be used to view video and images on reddit.com

download Zip from github and install as zip file.


use the left direction key to open a menu.


while hilighting a subreddit on the left sliding menu, left-direction key again to manage your subreddits

right-direction key to view comments

That little icon at the bottom left corner will tell you if it is video, image, album or not supported.

This is a fork of the Reddit.com addon by AddonscriptorDE and ranjani
At first I wondered why you switched forums from Video Add-ons to programs, then I installed the Program Add-on and the light bulb went off. Here's a screen of what it looks like with the skin Transparency! and I'm wondering if you could eliminate the line between the lists to make the path/data more legible? (this may not be possible as it seems to be skin specific) It's hard to read they way T! handles it I'll see if I can come up with graphical fix.. Great work!

Thanks for trying it out.
That skin looks really nice.

I'll read around to see how to handle fonts.
I think custom gui's have no control over fonts and some aspect of image transparency.
I might have to just adjust to gui to allow for them.
I'm actually thinking of the 'line' as a graphical object, and perhaps a custom petite line would suffice, not sure what role this graphical object plays in the overall skin, and I'm wondering if there's a call for it within your code, or perhaps I could mod the skin code without devastation in the rest of the skin. Still looking for that fix, perhaps an extra line space?
The line is just separator.png from the estuary skin. There's no call for it in the code.
When I tried the addon with transparency skin on kodi16. it showed up as a vertical rectangle.
Got rid of the line by make it transparent, it's called 'separator.png' guess no surprise there... Looks like I would have to make a font size adjustment http://imgur.com/CyiYtK4 as mentioned that might be a taller order.
I found out what's causing the issue:

My addon is grabbing separator.png from skin.transparency instead of the one in my addon.
For the life of me, can't figure out how to play 'all', play from here or next without going back to the list (would be a nice feature, almost a lean back function). Ran into a minor issue both with confluence and T! When closing out, I get correctly taken to the programs folder, backing out one step further from the programs folder should take me to the home screen, but instead I'm taken to an in between 'limbo' spot with a default 'programs' folder, one step back and I'm at the home screen. No other program file does this, a step back takes me directly to the home screen.
I haven't figured out how to get 'play all' and the other context menu functions working. I'll get to them after i've sorted out the ui/skin issues.

I see what you mean by 'limbo'. I'm not really sure what I can do about it on my end. script.facebook.media by ruuk also has the same side effect.
Added "play all" for video and "slideshow" for pictures.

Also, huge credits to script.screensaver.multi_slideshow.
99% of the slideshow code came there.
Tried this out last night, great viewing and the 'play all' is a must have for me. Many thanks for this contribution to the Kodi suite of extras.

I'm tempted to 'want', some extras, selfish I know but I feel I can ask; you can always ignore. In using the reader on a TV, from a remote position the 'play all' is in a keybaord function, means I gotta get off the couch. I would like a mouse usable slider menu, similar to the default Kodi experience, I'm very patient.

Many thanks, this really re-vamps the way Reddit can be seen.
Thanks for letting me know. I'll put it in the next few updates.
i'm working on seeing if 'play all' can be changed to 'play from here' since some videos bogs kodi down and there's no way to get past them.
I didn't run into that issue, if it was a subject I'd previously viewed or wanted to pass on, I just chose next with the OSD, as long as the OSD is responsive, there's an easy out.
some porn vids do weird stuff to kodi's video player.

I placed a tall hidden button at the left side of the screen that slides out the side panel when it's focused.
my idea was that you move the mouse to the edge of the screen to activate it.
but in my tests, it won't slide out when you move the cursor gently to the side.
you have to tap the cursor at the edge.
let me know how it works out for you.
The way it works now seems to work for me, It would be nice to come up with a 'play from here', or watched/unwatched but in the main it's there! You might want to start renaming your git builds, I find I'm writing over top the old one.

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